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What's up, guys! My name is Bayani!

—Bayani, Intro

Bayani Avi 2015 2

Bayani Avi 2015









December 31st, 1994



Date Joined

December 5th, 2012

Date Left

December 2015



Cube SMP
Date Joined

November 2013

Date Left

April-May 2015

Cube Ultra Hardcore
Date Joined

October 2013

Date Left

December 2015


Elimination History

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Episode Count


Cube Evolution
Date Joined

August 2014

Date Left

November-December 2014

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Social Media

Bayani was a YouTuber and livestreamer. He is a former Cube member and a participant of Cube UHC

He first appeared in Cube SMP in the first season, and left during the second season. He made his official debut in Cube UHC in the third season, and has been an active participant since then. He was also a member of Cube Evolution before it ultimately stopped.

Currently, Jordan occasionally streams on Twitch under the username GalaxyJordan, though never Minecraft.

Real Life 

Jordan currently lives in Bellevue, Washington, with Julio also known as ThatOneTomahawk, another ex-Cube member. He is working at SkyMedia as an editor for SkyDoesMinecraft and the rest of SkyMedia. He has specifically stated that he does not go under the name Bayani anymore.

Bayani used to live in Vancouver, Canada with Ryan (ChildDolphin) and Maclean Katona. According to Bayani's Q&A, his birthday is on the 31st of December. Bayani showed his face on May 31st, 2014 at 12:00 PST, because Bayani was doing a 12 hour live stream with his friends to raise money for new PC parts so he would be able to live stream himself and possibly start up a second channel. The extra money was donated to charity. Bayani said that if someone donated $1000 to charity then he would show his face early. Graser and Rusher donated $750 each, totaling $1500 to charity, so Bayani showed his face almost two, and a half months earlier than he planned.

History on YouTube

Ongoing Series

Ended Series

Cube SMP

Season 1

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Season 2

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Bayani was a resident builder on the Cube SMP Server, a private server with many YouTubers who like to record regularly with each-other.

  • Bayani posted a video explaining the situations including that between Graser and Think, Kricken's video, Straub leaving and the conflict between himself and Straub, and Devon 'leaving' the Cube. To Bayani's knowledge, Think cut himself off from Graser as he had problems with Tomahawk joining UHC and Graser didn't, and he believed that too many UHC members were joining the Cube and it was becoming like Mindcrack, something which Think did not want to be part of. Graser posted screenshots of Think and Graser's last conversations on Twitter supporting this. Bayani then explained what happened with Straub. Graser, Bayani and Straub were in a TeamSpeak one night and Graser and Bayani were arguing, and Straub thought it was funny. Bayani started to argue with Straub, he felt Straub was sometimes mean behind people's back and made fun of people, which he disagreed with. Straub then said to Graser that he was never joining the TeamSpeak again, removed Bayani from his subscriber box, unfollowed him on Twitter, and blocked him on Skype. Graser wanted Bayani and Straub to make up, for he did not want anyone in the group arguing. Straub then left the Cube. Bayani says he tried to contact him to apologize, but was unable to. For Devon, he explained the situation was simply a case of Devon being uncomfortable with the 'YG' jokes, so they stopped, and he is not leaving the Cube, it was a joke. After this video Straub contacted Bayani, they sorted it out and apologized to each other, and now both Vas and Straub have officially returned to the Cube. Straub stated that he should not have handled things the way he did.

Unfortunately, the situations with Kricken and Think do not look like they are going to be resolved anytime soon.

  • Bayani disputes claims by Kricken that the group is too 'cliquey' and that they are just a group of friends who are comfortable with each-other and are always happy to help other YouTubers gain popularity, like Parker and Bee.
    Unfortunately, it looks like the friendship between the Cube members and Kricken is well and truly over, as suggested by tweets to each-other over Twitter.


On the 2nd of May 2015, Bayani announced that he had left the Cube SMP alongside ChildDolphin (Ryan). He later added that he would still however participate in the upcoming Season 13 Cube UHC.

In a statement he said "I have kinda lost interest in the survival part of Minecraft". He also explained how "There's no bad blood between [Bayani] and any of the Cube Members".

Although he left, he is still very close with the Cube members, especially Tomahawk, who lives near him in Washington.

Cube Ultra Hardcore 

Season 3

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Season 4

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Season 5

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Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

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Season 9

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Season 10

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Season 11

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Season 12

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Season 13

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Elimination History

  • Bayani first appeared in season 3. 
  • He won't participate from Season 16- onwards.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.3 - Doomed to fall by Grapeapplesauce 9 4 5th -
S.4 Green Team Shot by HBomb94 - Purple Team 12 0 10th 4th
S.5 - Slain by ThatOneTomahawk 6 2 17th -
S.6 Team Pandas Winner 9 3 1st 1st
S.7 - Killed by Fire 2 0 22nd -
S.8 Soup-A-Stars Shot by Defek7 - The Ninjas 6 1 15th 6th
S.9 - Slain by Tofuugaming 7 0 13th -
S.10 Green Team Fell from a high place 6 0 19th 11th
S.11 - Slain by Dfield 9 1 2nd -
S.12 The Ducklings Secondary Winner 7 1 1.5st 1.5st
S.13 - Slain by CreeperFarts 3 0 22nd -
S.14 Teal Team Slain by Kiingtong - Gray Team 6 0 13th 7th
S.15 - Slain by TheCampingRusher 2 0 20th -

Cube Evolution





  • He revealed his face on May 31, 2014
  • Bayani has a black cat named Sam. 
  • Although he has a cat, he is a dog person. 
  • In a Questions and Answers, he said that he will never change his Minecraft skin.
    • However, he has changed his skin multiple times, such as the present one with his orange skin. 
  • Bayani met Graser on 2012.
    • He also mentioned that they didn't like each other.
  • The scariest thing he has ever done was cliff jumping/diving.
  • He was born in Spokane, Washington. [1]
  • He was introduced to the "Cube group", although no name at the time, during the third season of Cube UHC.
  • His favorite color is (dark) green.
  • He loves sushi and terayaki.
    • Overall, he loves Japaneses food. 
    • Additionally, he took Japanese classes in high school and middle school. 
    • He was also fond of Japanese culture at the time, and spoke Japanese fluently. 
  • He has two siblings, an older brother and an older sister.
    • His brother is five years older and his sister is one year older.
  • His favorite YouTuber is SeaNanners.
  • He got into building through Hunger Games.
    • He was inspired to build his own Hunger Games map, then joined a team of builders. 
  • Bayani was a substitute during the third season of Cube UHC.
    • Graser was the one that brought him into to the Cube UHC group.
  • Bayani got his name from a Blue Scholars song "Bayani".
    • Additionally, the word "bayani" means hero in Filipino. 
  • He knows how to breakdance. 
  • He also says that he was a very bright student in school. 
  • His nationality is Caucasian.
    • His family is Irish-German.
    • Irish-German on his mom's side and Irish-French on his dad's side.
  • His favorite animal is a fox or wolf.  
  • He started college while he was a junior in high school. 
  • If he could add anything in Minecraft, it would be vertical slabs. 
  • His biggest fear is heights.
  • He doesn't like modern-styled builds. 
  • He would like to live in New Zealand, Japan, or Ireland.
  • He became a good builder by practicing. 
  • His height is 5 feet, 9 inches.
  • Bayani was inspired to create a YouTube channel by Graser.
    • Bayani's first collab was with Graser.
  • He had a dog named, Sara(h). She was a chocolate labrador. 
  • His favorite thing about Seattle is the culture. 
  • He used to work in a fish market. 
  • He did not play any sports in high school. 
  • He played Chess in high school. 
  • One of his favorite bands are the Shins. 
  • His favorite quote is "I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine." -- Bruce Lee. 
  • He prefers french toast over waffles or pancakes. 
  • Bayani, along with Rusher and Pat, are the only participants to ever receive the 1.5st rank. 
  • During Cube UHC season 12, he was DDosed (distributed denial-of-service) at the beginning of episode 4, making him unable to play the season for the remaining of the episode and episodes 5-6.
    • However, Bayani did return in time for the finale in episode 7.
  • Bayani quit Youtube after December of 2015 but he announced in his quitting YouTube video that UHC season 15 will be in December as his final UHC season.
    • He has come back to the youtube world, and plays random games. You can check out his channel here.
  • Bayani's rank average for UHC is 12.3th




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