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October 09, 2015

Cube Battle Dome, also known as Cube Battle-Dome or Cube Battledome, is a one-episode series that premiered on October 09, 2015.

The series began due to the Cube members wanting more UHC action. The series can be considered a mini version of a regular Cube UHC season.


Everyone gets a fifteen minute time period in which they can cave, in order to obtain resources. Resources needed to go against the opposing teams. Players will have access to various commands such as warping to spawn to enchant your gear, teleporting to your teammate(s), etc. The goal of the game is to eliminate the opposing teams and destroying their obsidian. There are no underground bases allowed, only above ground. The obsidian must be visible, and the winner will be declared when the last team has their obsidian still intact and one player still surviving.

JWong and NoBoom had a disadvantage in the series due to their team missing one person. However, they were given one extra life in case one of the two were to die in the series. 



Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4


Elimination Status Ranking
Hbomb94 Slain by StrauberryJam 11th
Pokediger1 Slain by TYBZI 10th
Kiingtong Shot by Grapeapplesauce 9th
Strauberryjam Slain by Grapeapplesauce 8th

Fell from a high place

(Caused by Grape)

JWingWangWong Shot by Grapeapplesauce 6th
NoBoom Slain by Grapeapplesauce 5th

Fell from a high place

(Caused by TYBZI)

TYBZI Slain by Graser10 3rd
Grapeapplesauce Eliminated due to the breaking of team's Obsidian 2nd
Graser10 The Winner of Cube Battle Dome 1st


  • Graser10 was slain by grapeapplesauce after graser10 broke grapes team obsident which got graser10 and team the win of the first match.
  • JWong and NoBoom team got a revive since the were a 2 player team JWong was killed first so he was revived but in the end grape eliminated the jwong and noboom team.
  • Several of the participants were wearing Halloween-themed Minecraft skins. Tyzbi dressed as a Zombie, Grape dressed as a werewolf, and Tofuugaming dressed as a shiny version of Arcanine.