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May 20, 2015



Cube Frenzy is a competition series hosted by 8BitHomo. It is exclusively on Graser10's channel. The set is built by Denni. Viewers can send in an application to have their Minecraft skin be part of the audience. 


The series contains aspects of several real-life game shows, such as Jeopardy. The host asks the contestant to partake in questions and answers, challenges, trivia, and many more. Each correct answer will receive a point(s), depending on the challenge. The point system and the challenge each round varies through each episode. 

There are three rounds. The rounds are different each time, with the Leap of Faith (the last round) receiving a variation each episode. Each round and challenges varies in each episode, however, Leap of Faith usually hands out the most points upon completing and surviving the jump. 


Round 1 and 2 are always different challenges, while Round 3 stays the same, but with a little variation. 

Round 1 

Cube Frenzy - Round 1
  • Episode 1 - Video Game Music 
  • Episode 2 - One Truth, Two Lies
  • Episode 3 - Snippet
  • Episode 4 - Price is Right
  • Episode 5 - Genres

Round 2 

Cube Frenzy - Round 2
  • Episode 1 - Speed Build 
  • Episode 2 - Paintball 
  • Episode 3 - Shopping Spree
  • Episode 4 - Ante Up
  • Episode 5 - Lucky Block Race

Round 3 - Leap of Faith

  • Cube Frenzy - Round 3
    Episode 1 - Leap of Faith
  • Episode 2 - Dangerous Leap of Faith
  • Episode 3 - Bouncy Leap of Faith
  • Episode 4 - Multi-level Leap of Faith
  • Episode 5 - Parkour Leap of Faith

Sudden Death

Sudden Death occurs when two or more players are tied. The host then ask questions, where the contestants must answer it right. 

  • Episode 2 - Graser10 and TYBZI
  • Episode 5 - Graser10 and Pokediger1


Episode Contestant 1 Contestant 2 Contestant 3 Winner
1 Grapeapplesauce Graser10 Peckett Peckett
2 Bayani Graser10 TYBZI TYBZI
3 Kiingtong Graser10 HBomb94 Kiingtong
4 Aphmau Graser10 HeyImBee Graser10
5 GoldSolace Graser10 Pokediger1 Pokediger1


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Graser hired 8Bit to produce the series, film, and create the mini games. In return, he would pay for the content. 


  • Peckett is the first contestant to win and the only winner to not be a Cube SMP member.
  • Graser10 is the first to successfully finish the Leap of Faith. 
  • Aphmau and HeyImBee are the first female contestants to join Cube Frenzy.
    • They are also the first to end up with negative points in the entire series.