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Cube SMP
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Cube SMP (Season 3)
Straub s3 ep1
Season 3, Episode 1 - Straub

March 5, 2016



Season Chronology
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Season 2


The third season of Cube SMP was announced on March 5th, 2016 and officially began on March 12, 2016. The season ended around December 2016, due to both members and viewers losing interest. Most members of the Cube SMP are part of the Cube UHC roster. The Cube SMP is a private, white-listed, invite only server, therefore players can't join at their own accord.

In this season of the Cube SMP, there are two teams, North Side and South Side. North Side has 8 players, while South Side has 7 players, West side has 3. As well as North and South Side, there is a separate island where former North Side leader Bee resides, since she wasn't able to decide which team to join.

This season includes most of the members from the Cube SMP (Season 2), and 3 new additions.


Please, link the video, tweet, or source explaining one's departure, instead of listing the reasons.

Member Episodes Joined/Returned (Video) Left Status Reason(s)
CreeperFarts 39 March 2016 Nov. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
Dfield 19 March 2016 May. 2016 Inactive Streaming More
Grapeapplesauce 36 March 2016 Nov. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
Graser10 50 March 2016 Nov. 2016 Left Series Complete
HBomb94 111 March 2016 Dec. 2016 Left Series Complete
HeyImBee 12 March 2016 Aug. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
Huahwi 7 March 2016 Apr. 2016 Inactive At the Sun
Kiingtong 41 March 2016 Dec. 2016 Left Series Complete
MrMitch361 34 March 2016 Nov. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
NoBoom 33 March 2016 Sept. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
ParkerGames 2 March 2016 June. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
Pokediger1 42 March 2016 Aug. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
PrivateFearless 22 March 2016 June. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
StrauberryJam 21 March 2016 Nov. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
Strawburry17Plays 15 March 2016 July. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
TheCampingRusher 0 March 2016 - Inactive Unknown
Tofuugaming 37 March 2016 July. 2016 Inactive Loss of Interest
TYBZI 32 March 2016 Dec. 2016 Left Series Complete
JWong 1 March 2016 Aug. 2016 Inactive College


North Side

South Side - Team Straub

Team West Side

Team Bee


  • CreeperFarts betrayed North Side at the beginning of the first war! After Bee had done their intro, he sailed across to South Side and his name changed from yellow to red. Graser noticed prior to the war that Ant had stolen his best set of armor, so he suspected something.
  • In the closing hours of the first war, Kiingtong approached Graser and Bee, saying he wanted to join North Side, but to do it undercover. This way, he could set up traps for his team members without them knowing. He later explained that this was because he felt kind of bad for North Side, as they didn't necessarily have a fair chance in the first war!
  • In order to continue the Mafia roleplay, either Poke or Joe would have to switch sides, so they are on the same side. A random dispensed item from a dispenser would decide if Poke or Joe would leave. Poke got 3 of the same dispensed item, and so had to leave South Side.
  • After a search for an elytra, the South Side offered Bee that if she joins their side they will give her an elytra. Bee did not join their side, giving the reason that they killed her in the war, but didn't want to go back to North Side. Because of this, she made her own side, with her pet pig Ralph.
  • Mitch created his own side, West Side, & eventually recruited both HBomb94 & NoBoom. Although they needed some time to think about it, the choice was made to balance it.

North Side


  • Enchantment Service - HBomb
  • Le Stable - CreeperFarts
  • Statue of Liberbee - CreeperFarts
  • Armour Shop - CreeperFarts (Blown Up)
  • Wishing Well - HBomb94
  • Watchtowers - DField
  • Elytra course - Kiingtong
  • Airship - Kiingtong
  • The docks - DField and CreeperFarts


  • HBomb's Magic Mending Well- Sells mending books for 11 emeralds each.
  • MrMitch's Redstone Shop- Builds redstone mechanics for people. (Removed)
  • NoBoom's Kitchen - Sells different kinds of food.
  • Graser's Pizzeria

South Side


  • Clocktower - Grapeapplesauce
  • Windmill - Kiingtong (Blown up)
  • PvP arena - StrauberryJam, CreeperFarts
  • The library - Grapeapplesauce
  • The observatory - CreeperFarts
  • TYBZI's stable - TYBZI
  • The airport and tower - Grapeapplesauce
  • Mule Haul - Grapeapplesauce
  • The Green/Red House - TYBZI
  • Animal Sanctuary - TYBZI
  • Old Southside Airport Radio Tower - TYBZI
  • Silo - TYBZI


  • Savoury South - TYBZI
  • Wool Shop (Built by Graser, owned by Grapeapplesauce


  • South side held a 'Capture the Wool' game with each other. It was like the game from Season 2 of the Cube SMP, where there were two teams, and you had to try and get the other team's wool to your side. The two teams were StrauberryJam and Grapeapplesauce and TYBZI and PrivateFearless. Straub and Grape won the game.


  • The first prank was by South Side to North Side. They wanted to get revenge since a member from North Side blew up their secret underground vault and so flooded the whole North Side spawn.
  • The second prank was by Parker to South Side. Parker set an AFK death trap for himself, and accumulated approximately 800 Parker heads. Along with NoBoom and HBomb, they placed all the heads on South Side, and challenged them to a prank war.
  • Kiingtong tried to start a war by stealing the heads off of the South Side wall, but it failed when CreeperFarts was exploring North Side and uncovered the heads. North Side did manage to retrieve the heads, though.
  • North Side members Kiingtong, Graser10, and MrMitch361 blew up a section of New South City on South Side, which South Side responded to with a spam of obsidian all over North Side.
  • When Graser10 went missing, Hbomb94 didn't know if he was getting pranked so he decided to prank the whole server by building tons of Graser heads around the sever and putting signs on the heads asking if anybody has seen him.


  • 03/05/16 - Season 3 is announced.
  • 03/12/16 - Season 3 has begun.
    • Newest member Strawburry17 makes her official debut in Season 3.
  • 04/11/16 - First war of the season occurs. South Side are the official winners of the war.
  • 06/23/16-06/25/16: Vidcon - Several Cube members attended Vidcon. This includes: Creeperfarts, DfieldMark, Graser10, Grapeapplesauce, HeyImBee, Hbomb94, Kiingtong, MrMitch361, NoboomGaming, ParkerGames, Pokediger1, Privatefearless, Strauberryjam, TheCampingRusher, TofuuGaming and TYBZI.
    • There was a 'Gaming with the Cube' event which featured the above mentioned Cube members.
    • Like usual, a meetup was held in the convention centre.
  • 08/24/2016 - Second war of the season occurs. North Side are the official winners of the war.
  • December 2016 - HBomb, Graser, Will and TYBZI complete their Cube SMP Season 3 journey.


  • Team South side were the winners for the first war.
    • Team North side were the winners of the second war.
  • Pokediger1 and Tofuugaming are continuing their Mafia roleplay in the Cube SMP Season 3.
  • Since Kiingtong and CreeperFarts betrayed their team, they blew up their builds from their original side, (The windmill and Armour shop respectively).
  • The Clock Tower (Made by Grapeapplesauce) was supposed to be blown up by Dfield, but he misplaced a TNT, causing very little damage.
  • CurtPVP is one of the developers of the Cube SMP Season 3.
  • Dfield and CreeperFarts were the first ones in the nether in Cube SMP Season 3.
  • CreeperFarts got the first kill of the season killing his own teammate Graser10 after Graser didn't give Dfield and CreeperFarts the books needed for their enchanting room.
  • This season has been getting a lot of hate and drama from the viewers, who are saying that the war is a complete failure and that Cube is dead. Graser addressed these issues in a video [1], as well as replying to reddit posts.
  • JWingWangWong made an 'Unexpected Appearance' in the second war due to a comment requesting him to do so.
  • Current war standings are 1-1 (N -> S)
  • TheCampingRusher is yet to produce an episode of Cube SMP Season 3 despite being in it.
  • HBomb produced the most episodes with 111.
  • This is the last season of Cube SMP.