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Cube vs. HTM Ultra Hardcore
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Cube vs. H3M Ultra Hardcore (Season 2)
Cube vs. H3M 2 - Bee
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January 24, 2016


February 09, 2016

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Season 3

The second season of Cube vs. H3M Ultra Hardcore, also known as Youtuber UHC, premiered on January 24, 2016 and concluded on February 09, 2016. This season was hosted by Woofless and PrestonPlayz.

The series introduced eight new participants, and twenty-two returning veterans, raising the roster to thirty participants.


In UHC mode, health does not automatically regenerate, so players must use a golden apple, golden head, or instant health potion. In addition, smelting is instant but will still require smelting materials and a furnace. Golden heads obtained from your opponents can be combined into an even more powerful head. Strength potions, fishing rod knockback, and horses are disabled. The size of the world is 1000x1000, shrinking by 100 blocks per episode (20 minutes). This season's special theme is double, where the participants are in teams of 2 and they all have double the amount of hearts than usual, giving them a total of 20 full hearts.


Series # Episode # Posted Date
8 1 January 24, 2016
9 2 January 26, 2016
10 3 January 28, 2016
11 4 January 30, 2016
12 5 February 01, 2016
13 6 February 03, 2016
14 7 February 05, 2016
15 8 February 07, 2016
16 9 February 09, 2016
Special Cube vs H3M Montage February 13, 2016



Bold indicates a debutant; other contestants are considered veterans.
Team One
  • Lachlan
  • PrestonPlayz
Team Two
  • Vikkstar123
  • Woofless
Team Three
  • JeromeASF
  • TheBajanCanadian
Team Four
  • PeteZahHutt
  • Pwincessly
Team Five
  • Nooch
  • Ypperin
Team Six
  • AciDicBliTzz
  • KenWorthGaming
Team Seven
  • AshleyMarieeGaming
  • ChocoTheChocobo
Team Eight
  • Graser10
  • Kiingtong
Team Nine
  • Tofuugaming
  • Pokediger1
Team Ten
  • Dfield
  • TheCampingRusher
Team Eleven
  • FinsGraphics
  • UnFuggettable
Team Twelve
  • StrauberryJam
  • HeyImBee
Team Thirteen
  • NoBoomGaming
  • HyperDarkness
Team Fourteen
  • Huahwi
  • PrivateFearless
Team Fifteen
  • Grapeapplesauce
  • CreeperFarts


Early Game

AshleyMariee and ChocoTheChocobo, Team 7, were jumped and killed easily by Preston and Lachlan. Preston gained both kills and retrieved their many diamonds. Only an episode later did CreeperFarts and Sean find ypperin, server admin, and unenchanted N00CH. Mat was killed by Ant, but erin got away whilst ghosting. A few minutes later erin returned only to ghost again. Ant managed to kill her this time and get away with a double kill, despite losing many hearts in this early game encounter.

Episode 4 and 5 Madness!

In the 4th instalment of Season 2 found Ant and Sean facing Jerome and BajanCanadian. Mistaking them as enchanted, they pursued the pair over a hill into a river cross-section. Grape got the majority of bowshots on Jerome. However, Creeps got the deciding bowshot on Jerome and managed to get his 3rd kill of the series, whilst Bajan escaped. After 1 hour of only 5 deaths, episode 5 dawned on this season. After Brayden, Dfield, Grape, Ant, Zac and Joe were all caught in a tri-battle, Rusher and Mark managed to escape for now. However, Zac and Joe found themselves facing Creeper and Grape. They dominated them on gear and Pokediger1 was easily taken down by CreeperFarts. Joe and Grape battled out, and Ant letting Grape fight him to get him a kill. Joe proved too strong for Grape and Creeper stepped in. Tofuu managed to get a combo on Ant but he still let him get his 4th and 5th kills of the game.

After Huahwi and Isaac were separated, Ize saw 2 names. Those names turned out to be PeteZahHutt and Pwincessly. Private fought the two and was ultimately taken down by the unenchanted Kara. Huahwi, now solo, was stealthy until the two were gone. With a chest dropped, Brayden and Mark decided to rush it. Unfortunately too late, and Creeper and Grape retrieved it. Bajan also thought to try to take this chest, but was caught by the two teams who both battled to kill Mitch. Rusher and Dfield were outgeared and outclassed by the 5 kill Creeper and his teammate Sean. But, Mitch was still lurking and was caught by Ant who sniped his legs and killed him whilst building underground. With 6 kills, Creeper was uncomfortably low along with his teammate Grapeapplesauce. Finally finding diamonds and coming up to the surface was Graser and Will. Kiingtong and Graser bumped into Brandon and Kara whilst they were cutting down trees. Graser rashly ran to the team and luckily killed them both with the help of Kiingtong. Still low, Ant and Grape were unknowingly chased by strong team Justin and Kenny. Justin fought the two and quite comfortably killed Ant, then after, Grape. Fellow competitors were rejoiced in the chat, especially Straub. Swiftly after Vikk and Woofless encountered Noboom and Dylan. Both previously poisoned proved no difficulty to the two with Vikkstar killing Dylan and Rob eliminating NoBoom.

Final 15

After spotting the stacked Acidic and Kenny, Fin and UnFuggettable run in the opposite direction. A few minutes later, the team spot Team 10. Fin, seriously weakening his opponent, is quickly killed by Dfield. Ray shoots, and kills, Mark after Fin indicates how low he is. Now Ray faces Rusher and he enderpearls in his direction and is one hit with Rusher's sword which kills him and leaves TheCampingRusher as solo. After a considerable amount of time passes with Brayden as a solo, Vikkstar and Rob ambush the lone competitor and Vikktstar gains his second kill. With a hut built to protect them from unfriendly mobs and storing the items, Vikk and Rob sort out Brayden's items. Straub and Bee notice the hut and surprise attack the smart duo. Fully injured from the attack, Vikkstar manages to get his way out of the hut and regenerate. He swaps with Rob and kills StrauberryJam and swaps with Rob again. After Bee wounds Woofless, Vikk comes in and finishes her with his sword. Now with 4 kills, Vikkstar and his teammate Woofless sort out Team 12's items and find the best items they can.


With this UHC now stretched out to 7 episodes, it leaves Preston and Lachlan, Justin and Kenny, Will and Graser, Vikkstar and Woofless and the solo Huahwi. Team Six and Team Two encounter eachother on a hill. Both teams apply their speed and fight it out. With Vikk and Rob outgearing them, Kenny is shot by Vikkstar and Justin is killed by Rob. The team with a combined amount of 7 kills, has the highest amount in the game.

After encountering Huahwi multiple times already Kiingtong and Graser find the lone Huahwi once more, this time; however, a fight for survival. When trading bow shots over the valley failed, Graser and Will confidently charge Huahwi, being in a 2v1 situation would seem like the right play. However, as they engaged, the fight didn't seem easy for Graser and Will no more, as Huahwi's 3/4 diamond, gapples, lava bucket and deadly fire aspect crippled Will and Graser's gear. Taking out Will with a combo and quickly finishes off Graser, leaving himself on 10 hearts, and leaves the two, Ypperin and the server admin 'melsha' dumbfounded.


Now in episode 9 and about 3 hours in holds the final 5. Huahwi encounters Vikk and Rob and combos Vikk, but continues to retreat due to it being another 2v1. Huahwi lures them towards Lachlan and Preston and let the two geared teams of two clash.

However Rob is suddenly poisoned by a witch when engaging in battle. After multiple hits, Vikk manages to kill Preston and then Vikk is killed by Lachlan, who kills Rob seconds later too. Now with 1 1/2 hearts, Lachlan is advised by Preston to sort the gear out, which he ignores. Lachlan then is jumped by a baby zombie which he has trouble taking out.

As Lachlan continues to go through the gear despite knowing Huahwi could jump him any minute, Huahwi spots Lachlan and places a lava bucket, stealing away 12 hearts off Lachlan in return for 4, earning Huahwi and PrivateFearless the title of the winners of Cube vs. H3M Season 2.


Participant Team Status Episode(s) Ranking Team Ranking
Team Seven
Slain by PrestonPlayz 2 30th 15th
Team Seven
Slain by PrestonPlayz 2 29th 15th
Team Five
Slain by CreeperFarts 3 28th 14th
Team Five
Slain by CreeperFarts 3 27th 14th
Team Five
Shot by CreeperFarts 4 26th 12th
Team Nine
Slain by CreeperFarts 5 25th 13th
Team Nine
Slain by CreeperFarts 5 24th 13th
Team Fourteen
Slain by Pwincessly 5 23rd 1st
Team Five
Slain by CreeperFarts 5 22nd 12th
Team Four
Slain by Graser10 5 21st 11th
Team Four
Slain by Graser10 5 20th 11th
Team Fifteen
Slain by AcidicBlitzz 5 19th 10th
Team Fifteen
Slain by AcidicBlitzz 5 18th 10th
Team Thirteen
Slain by Vikkstar123 5 17th 9th
Team Thirteen
Slain by Woofless 5 16th 9th
Team Eleven
Slain by Dfield 6 15th 8th
Team Ten
Shot by UnFuggettable 6 14th 7th
Team Eleven
Slain by TheCampingRusher 6 13th 8th
Team Ten
Slain by Vikkstar123 6 12th 7th
Team Twelve
Slain by Vikkstar123 6 11th 6th
Team Twelve
Shot by Vikkstar123 6 10th 6th
Team Six
Shot by Vikkstar123 7 9th 5th
Team Six
Slain by Woofless 7 8th 5th
Team Eight
Slain by Huahwi 8 7th 4th
Team Eight
Slain by Huahwi 8 6th 4th
Team One
Slain by Vikkstar123 9 5th 2nd
Team Two
Slain by Lachlan 9 4th 3rd
Team Two
Slain by Lachlan 9 3rd 3rd
Team One
Slain by Huahwi 9 2nd 2nd
Team Fourteen
Winner 9 1st 1st



Participant Kills
AcidicBlitzz 2
CreeperFarts 6
Dfield 1
Graser10 2
Huahwi 3
Pwincessly 1
PrestonPlayz 2
TheCampingRusher 1
UnFuggettable 1
Vikkstar123 6
Woofless 2
Lachlan 2


Team Kills
Team One
Team Two
Team Four
Team Six
Team Eight
Team Ten
Team Eleven
Team Fourteen
Team Fifteen


  • AcidicBlitzz, one of the participants, ended his stream due to the filming of the season.
    • Huahwi and KenWorthGaming also confirmed this during their stream as well. 
  • On Twitter, Poke mentions that one of his classmates asked him on who won a UHC season, Poke says that he's not a snitch. With two possibilities (Cube UHC or Cube vs. H3M UHC), is unclear but it's most likely that he was talking about Cube vs. H3M because of the fact that several participants confirmed it during a stream. Not only that, there has not been a proper mention of Cube UHC since the finale of last season.[1]
    • Rusher and Dfield briefly talked about the Cube UHC season that's premiering soon during the first episode of this season. [2]
  • Nooch planned to compete in this UHC without a teammate, but was ultimately paired up with the server admin, Ypperin. This was most likely a last-minute setup due to it being rare for the admin to participate.
  • At the beginning of episode 1, the time was glitched, as a minute would pass every 5 seconds.
  • All the returning participants from season 1 placed worse in season 2, with the exception of Woofless, Vikkstar, Graser, Kiingtong, Acidic, Straub, Rusher, and NoBoom.
    • Rusher and Woofless were the only people to place the exact same rank as in season 1.
  • Huahwi lost his teamate, PrivateFearless in episode 5 to pwincessly and won the season solo.
  • In the final fight, Huahwi took 12 hearts off Lachlan whereas Lachlan only to off 4 from Huahwi, despite Huahwi being less geared.



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