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Cube vs. HTM Ultra Hardcore
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Cube vs. H3M Ultra Hardcore (Season 3)
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March 15, 2016


March 25, 2016

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Season 2

Season 4

The third season of Cube vs. H3M Ultra Hardcore, also known as Youtuber UHC, premiered on March 15, 2016 and concluded on March 25, 2016. This season was hosted by PrestonPlayz and Woofless.

This series introduced 5 new participants, and 27 returning veterans, raising the roster to 32 participants.


In UHC mode, health does not automatically regenerate, so players must use a golden apple, golden head, or instant health potion. In addition, smelting is instant but will still require smelting materials + a furnace. Golden heads obtained from your opponents can be combined into an even more powerful head. This season is played on 1.9, therefore 1.9 features such as the sword cool down and elytra wings are enabled. Strength potions, fishing rod knockback, and horses are disabled. In this season, there are teams of 2 (exception is PrivateFearless and Alec7272, who are solo).


Series # Episode # Posted Date
17 1 March 15, 2016
18 2 March 17, 2016
19 3 March 19, 2016
20 4 March 21, 2016
21 5 March 23, 2016
22 6 March 25, 2016



Bold indicates a debutant; other contestants are considered veterans.
Team One
  • Huahwi
  • HeyImBee
Team Two
  • FinsGraphics
  • SolrFlare
Team Three
  • Woofless
  • PrestonPlays/TBNRFrags
Team Four
  • ChocoTheChocobo
  • Lachlan
Team Five
  • PeteZahHutt
  • Vikkstar123
Team Six
  • Tofuugaming
  • Pokediger1
Team Seven
  • Hyperdarkness
  • NoBoomGaming
Team Eight
  • AcidicBlitzz
  • Pwincessly
Team Nine
  • Graser10
Team Ten
  • Dfield
  • Creeperfarts
Team Eleven
  • Grapeapplesauce
  • Kiingtong
Team Twelve
  • Sidearms
  • BdoubleO100
Team Thirteen
  • LandonMC
  • JeromeASF
Team Fourteen
  • JahovasWitniss
Team Fifteen
  • TheCampingRusher
  • StrauberryJam
Team Sixteen
  • Alec7272
Team Seventeen
  • PrivateFearless


Early Game

Justin, teamed with Kara, spotted Choco and Lachlan only 7 minutes into episode 2. Acidic was strategic and after minutes of defence and block placing. He caught Choco on fire and the pair rushed and chased Team Four. Pwincessly was killed by Lachlan, who wielded an Iron Sword, but Acidic avenged his teammate and killed Lachlan. With 1 heart remaining, Justin killed Choco and gained three Blood Heads from this fight, but lost his teammate. Later on in the episode, Pete was separated from Vikk and spotted two names that turned out to be Nathan's and Dylan's. After reuniting with his teammate, the two teams seemed to edge closer to eachother. The fight commenced with the enchanted Team 7 and the unechanted Team 5. Noboom and Hyper were spam hitting so they did little damage and were eventually both killed by Vikkstar123. Subsequently, Alec7272 built a house and was slain by a zombie when typing a sign on the door.

Episode 3

After Fin and Kezin ventured into the nether, Solr found himself a gravel patch and a ghast. The ghast shot a fireball at Kezin, which did not damage him, but the gravel patch fell and eliminated him. Now solo and on the surface, Acidic was spotted by Graser and TYBZI. They attacked him and Graser got the deciding shot on the weakened solo player. After this the team found Speedy and Hova. Their tactic was to spam lava on the team, but it did not work. TYBZI was able to kill Speedy and Jahova killed himself with lava after being taken down to 1 heart by TYBZI's bow. Later on in the episode, Grape and Will bump into Ant and Mark. Creeps and Dfield retreat from the fight as Will and Sean spot another team. This time both teams fight and Jerome is killed by Grape quickly and easily. Ant and Mark come back into the fight and Landon escapes with extremely low health. However, Grape is killed by Mark and then Will is snuck up on by a Creeper in the closing minutes of the third episode.


Landon returns and attempts to fight Dfield and Ant but Creeper gets a one-hit on the solo and kills him. Bee and Huahwi are spotted by Creeps and Mark yet again but this time the two teams fight. Ant gets his 3rd consecutive kill now against Bee, as Mark is being beaten by Huahwi. Ant steps in and kills last season's 1.8 victor, Huahwi.


Participant Team Status Episode(s) Rankin Team Ranking
Team Eight
Slain by Lachlan 2 32nd 14th
Team Four
Slain by AcidicBlitzz 2 31st 17th
Team Four
Slain by AcidicBlitzz 2 30th 17th
Team Seven
Slain by Vikkstar123 2 29th 16th
Team Seven
Slain by Vikkstar123 2 28th 16th
Team Sixteen
Slain by Zombie 2 27th 15th
Team Two
Tried to swim in lava 3 26th 4th
Team Eight
Shot by Graser10 3 25th 14th
Team Fourteen
Slain by TYBZI 3 24th 13th
Team Fourteen
Burnt by lava (suicide)-
Indirectly caused by TYBZI
3 23rd 13th
Team Thirteen
Slain by Grapeapplesauce 3 22nd 11th
Team Eleven
Slain by Dfield 3 21st 12th
Team Eleven
Slain by CreeperFarts 3 20th 12th
Team Thirteen
Slain by CreeperFarts 4 19th 11th
Team One
Slain by CreeperFarts 4 18th 10th
Team One
Slain by CreeperFarts 4 17th 10th
Team Nine
Slain by Woofless 4 16th 9th
Team Three
Slain by TYBZI 4 15th 5th
Team Nine
Slain by TBNRFrags 4 14th 9th
Team Fifteen
Fell off a cliff-
Indirectly caused by Pokediger1
4 13th 8th
Team Fifteen
Slain by Pokediger1 4 12th 8th
Team Seventeen
Slain by Pokediger1 4 11th 7th
Team Five
Slain by Creeperfarts(Winner) 5 10th 1st
Team Ten
Shot by PeteZahHutt 5 9th 6th
Team Ten
Shot by PeteZahHutt 5 8th 6th
Team Three
Shot by PeteZahHutt 5 7th 5th
Team Two
Slain by Pokediger1 5 6th 4th
Team Twelve
Slain by Tofuugaming 6 5th 3rd
Team Twelve
Slain by Tofuugaming 6 4th 3rd
Team Six
Shot by PeteZahHutt 6 3rd 2nd
Team Six
Slain by PeteZahHutt 6 2nd 2nd
Team Five
Winner 6 1st 1st



Participant Kills
PeteZahHutt 5
Creeperfarts 5
Pokediger1 4
AciDicBliTzz 2
Vikkstar123 2
Tofuugaming 2
Graser10 1
TBNRFrags 1
Woofless 1
Lachlan 1
Dfield 1
Grapeapplesauce 1


Team Kills
Team Three
Team Four
Team Five
Team Six
Team Eight
Team Nine
Team Ten
Team Eleven


  • PrivateFearless was meant to be teamed up with Creeperfarts, but due to daylight savings, he missed the time to film UHC. Since he was late, Creeper had to be teamed up with Dfield.
  • Pokediger originally died in episode 1 to a creeper, but was allowed to rejoin the game since his death involved a glitch.
  • Huahwi's name was changed to, "Hawaii" prior to the game; a joke due to the pack mispronouncing his name.
  • It isn't confirmed who made the description, but the possibilities are Pokediger1, Pwincessly, and Alec7272.
  • This was the third consecutive season that TheCampingRusher placed 12th.
  • Both players that have killed TheHyperCraft, in both previous Cube vs. H3M seasons which are Vikk and Pete, teamed together and killed him yet again.
  • This is the first Cube vs. H3M. season to not feature a montage.
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