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Elimination is the process in the Cube Ultra Hardcore series where a participant dies in the competition, occuring after death by Player versus player, mobs, environment (such as, fall damage, lava, or suffocation, etc.), suicide or being glitched.   

After eliminated, the participant must leave the server. In several seasons, a participant can join and spectate but must not interrupt any of the participants nor help them out. The spectator cannot record any of the footage while in spectate mode. 

A participants' elimination are used for montages which are released into the public after a season of Cube UHC has ended. At times, players that did not record, lost the footage, or purposedly eliminate themselves are not included in the final product.

Team Rank is not included in the tables for better organizing. 

Ultra Hardcore (Season 1)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 1) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Ibobotastic Male 17th 1 He was distracted by the chat and walked off a small ledge.
Willybix Male 16th 2 Shot by Skeleton.
ExplosiveBisket Male 15th 2 Spryite dug down and killed him.
Spryite Male 14th 3 As he heads up, a falling sand suffocates him. 
MaxTheDog Male 13th 4 Laberos digs to Max and is quickly outmatched.
Vikkstar123 Male 12th 4 He intentionally killed himself through the use of an arrow and bow. 
MiindSniipe Male 11th 4 Killed after disconnecting the server.
ItsKricken Female 10th 5 Heading back up to surface, a Creeper explodes and kills her. 
LaberosStar Male 9th 5 He is attacked by a Zombie.
StrauberryJam Male 8th 6 Killed after disconnecting the server.
Vasehh Male 7th 7 Burned to death. 
Flexvoid Male 6th 7 Doomed to fall by Spider.
Pokediger1 Male 5th 8 In the caves, he is attacked a Cave Spider leaving him at low health. At a. 
Thinknoodles Male 4th 8 Heading above ground, he is cornered in by a Zombie horde that kills him off.
Dowsey Male 3rd 9 Maneuvering through the caves, he ultimately dies from a Skeleton shot that pushes him off a ledge. 
PatClone Male 2nd 9 Graser shoots him off of his sky base, where his health drops drastically. In the end, Graser snuck up from behind, finishes him off.
Graser10 Male 1st 9 He won the first season after killing off Pat.  

Ultra Hardcore (Season 2)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 2) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Grapeapplesauce Male Crud 24 4 Entering a Nether Portal, unknown of the other side, he is killed by a lava trap the was set by Dowsey. 
LaberosStar Male Nicholas Cage 23 5 In search for food, he and Dul enters the desert biome. Fending off Slime, he gets snuck up by Straub. 
IDeactivate Male #2MuchSwag 22 6 Low health, he finds his teammates, but his time is cut short when a Creeper's explosion knocks him out of the competition.
Dowsey Male Symptomatic Chimps 21 6 In an abandoned mine shaft, he ventures through another system, where a lag spike caused him to take a mis-step, causing him to fall into a lava pit.
Thinknoodles Male Teaspoon Smuggling Professionals 20 7 In the caves, he jumps down to a lower level. From front and back he is attacked by two baby Zombies and a normal Zombie. In an attempt to save him, Pat lends out a helping hand, where he fends of the mobs, but accidentally kills off Think in the process.
StrauberryJam Male Crud 19 7 In a midst of a war zone, Straub is underground trying to escape. Ready to go above ground, a baby Zombie follows his trail, but Graser succefully sneaks up from behind to get the kill. 
Pokediger1 Male Bowling Pins 18 7 Through the desert and into the jungle, Poke tries to escape from the enemy by going toward the green nightmare, only to be killed off by Rusher. 
Guntexs Male Crud 17 7 Trapped and alone in the Nether, he goes down to a lower level. Unknowingly predicting his death, he hides from a Ghast but dies off from the fireball explosion. 
DulJuice Female Nicholas Cage 16 7 No food and Kermit in sight, she goes tries to battle off Mobs in Black, but ultimately dies from the disadvantage. 
Starboy103 Male Teaspoon Smuggling Professionals 15 7 On half-a-heart, he and his teammate, Pat head above ground. His time is interruped as a Spider attacks him. 
DrPlayStation Male Mobs in Black 14 8 Unknown of the threat above, he meets his death as Kermit dug to him, killing off of the game. 
KermitPlays Male Nicholas Cage 13 8 Trapped in a corner, he attempts to fend off Flexvoid by blocking the entrances. Successful into blocking, he dies trying to take a bite from his last Golden Apple. 
SteelSaint Male #2MuchSwag 12 8 Seperated from his teammate, Kricken. He explores the large desert, only to be trapped in by the Twerkaholics. Running to a direction, Vas' makes the final bow shot. 
PatClone Male Teaspoon Smuggling Professionals 11 9 The last member of his team, on top of an unknown tower. The tower soon surrounded by Mobs in Black, he fights back but dies to a bow shot. 
ChildDolphin Male Twerkaholics 10 9 A desert battle against the Mobs in Black, he tries to go head-to-head against Mags. A Sharpness IV sword in hand, he underestimates Mags skillful tacits, as he falls prey to him. 
Flexvoid Male Mobs in Black 9 9 Battle commenced, he gets in a combat against Vas, where he dies from a bow shot. 
Vasehh Male Twerkaholics 8 9 Assiting his teammate, Rusher, Mags quickly turn the game against the Twerkaholics as Mags makes a final blow to Vas, resulting to his death. 
MagneticMineCraft Male Mobs in Black 7 10 Nearing the end of the massacre, he takes down Dolphin and Vas, before he dies from Rusher. 
Tybzi Male Bowling Pins 6 10 Looking for some luck, he gets lost in the nether. In search of his teammate, Graser, he comes across a lava fall where he tries to stop it, but the lava goes around the block and reaches Tybzi. 
Graser10 Male Bowling Pins 5 10 Alone in the Nether, his luck turns against him as the Nether Portal that he enters is trapped by already the eliminated participant, Dowsey. 
TheCampingRusher Male Twerkaholics 4 10 On the direction to (0,0), he encounters Tofuu and Hbomb along the way. He soon falls to a victim by Tofuu.
ItsKricken Female #2MuchSwag 3 10 Sky basing above, she sees the other finalist. Fighting them off through the use of arrows and bows. She died from the shot that is delivered by Tofuu. 
HBomb94 Male Symptomatic Chimps 1 10 He won the second season after Tofuu made the final bow shot that killed Kricken. 
Tofuugaming Male Symptomatic Chimps 1 10 He won the second season after he made the final bow shot that killed Kricken.

Ultra Hardcore (Season 3)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 3) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
IDeactivate Male 24 2 Due to a glitch in the server, he was eliminated for not reconnecting in time.
Dowsey Male 23 3 In an attempt to ambush Mags, he gets killed for underestimating him. 
Palmerater Male 22 4 Due to a lava glitch, he accidentally walk in lave. The fire stayed burning, killing him off. 
DulJuice Female 21 5 In the search for apples, she gets snuck up by Vas.
MrMitch361 Male 20 5 Cornered into a wall, Poke attacks where he meets his death. 
ItsKricken Female 19 5 Above ground, Bayani spots her from a distance. In a chase, she tries to run away but was brought down by Bayani's Fire Aspect sword. 
AsheleyMarieeGaming Female 18 6 Building her cottage was interrupted once Poke took an unwated visit. In attempt to run away, she runs to a lake where Poke had the advantage as he lands a bow shot. 
Vasehh Male 17 6 A battle at a tundra biome against Grape. Attempting to take Grape down, he places a lava bucket in hopes for a contact with the fiery liquid. In combat mode, Grape knocks Vas into his own lava stream, resuling to his death.  
MagneticMinecraft Male 16 6 Leaving the Nether, he gets stuck in a Nether Portal that was made Graser. In an attempt to get out of the portal, he waters down the portal, making it of no use. His death occurs next, when he accidetally places down a lava bucket above his head. 
StrauberryJam Male 15 7 Battle at a frozen lake, Straub becomes Grape's next target as the fight reaches a climate as Straub does one more action, placing a lava bucket before he dies. 
DrPlayStation Male 14 8 Turned around, Tofuu comes from behind. In two hits he removes DrPlayStation from the competition. 
Pokediger1 Male 13 8 A battle at a taiga biome, he and Grape go haed-to-head only to end with Grape being the victor. 
HBomb94 Male 12 8 An intense battle againse Grape, he tries to fend off Grape, which resulted in his death.
TheDiamondMinecart (Dan) Male 11 8 Up a tree, Grape spots him. Thus another battle occurs, only to end with Grape being victor. 
Graser10 Male 10 9 Digging up, he and Bayani have a rat-and-mouse game. Running away with half-a-heart, Bayani does one bow shot that ultimately kills him. 
Thinknoodles Male 9 9 After the death of Dan, Think ambushes the excited Grape. A chase in the forest, Grape soon got the advantage as he runs over to a higher level, causing his arrow shots to be more direct, thus eliminating Think from the game.
PatClone Male 8 9 Riding on a stallion to combat, he attacks Rusher, only to be outmatched as he falls to Rusher's bow shot. 
TheCampingRusher Male 7 9 A bow battle at the frozen land, Bayani gets the upper hand as he reaches a high point, making it easier to aim and hit. Hit with the Fire Aspect sworf from Bayani, his health depletes on impact. 
Grapeaplesauce Male 6 9 A one-on-one fight against Bayani, Grape fires hard, but soon back down as he notices Bayani's Fire Aspect Sword. Grape soon fell in battle by Bayani. 
Bayani Male 5 9 Excited of winning the battle, he accidentally walks off a few blocks, thus resulting his death.
JemmaPlays Female 4 9 A battle against Tofuu and his horse, she quickly makes multiple hits on the duo. Horse dead from the fire, Tofuu go head on and kills Jemma. 
Flexvoid Male 3 9 Snuck up on Tofuu, he's comfortable at having the advantage. Shooting arrows from left and right, Tofuu is now unstoppable as he has an abundace of Golder Apple.
KermitPlays Male 2 10 In the caves, he is once cornered by the other finalist, Tofuu. Fighting off the overpowered player, he falls down at use of the Fire Aspect sword. 
Tofuugaming Male 1 10 He won the third season after killing off Kermit. 

Ultra Hardcore (Season 4)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 4) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
YoshitoMario Male Blue 24 1 Low health, he gets out of his safe "bubble" only to be killed by a Zombie from the right. 
ChildDolphin Male Red 23 2 After a battle against Cave Spiders, he stayed in the cottage that his teammates built, for safety. Due to a glitch in the game, a Zombie from outside glitched and immediately eliminated him. 
Palmerater Male Blue 22 3 Like his teammate, he did fall to death by the cause of a mob, a Creeper explosion. 
Grapeapplesauce Male Orange 21 3 Another glitch occurs, where Grape walked down to a lake of lava, causing his elimination. 
TheCampingRusher Male Orange 20 6 Already one player down, Orange Team head to the Nether in search of some luck. In a the midst of a bow battle, their team are scattered in the hellish environment. High above ground, the Purple Team spots them, and Tomahawk makes an unbelievable bow shot. 
MrMitch361 Male Orange 19 6 In attempt to go back the the Overworld, he comes accross an issue of lava. Thus resulting to his death. 
AshleyMarieeGaming Female Red 18 7 Careless with a flint and steel, she and her team decided to burn down the forest. Due to accidental flame placement and footage issues, she is said to have set herself on fire, causing her to death. 
LDShadowlady Female Red 17 7 Like Ashley, she careless used  a flint and steel, so that she and her team can burn down the forest. Due to accidental flame placement and footage issue, she is said to have set herself on fire, causing her death. 
Vikkstar123 Male Red 16 7 Similar to Season 1, Vikk also forfeit the game once again through the same method as Season 1, an arrow and a bow. 
Tofuugaming Male Blue 15 9 A battle at a small hill, Defek and Tofuu have a one-on-one. However, he soon falls vicitm to Defek. 
Defek7 Male Yellow 14 9 In a battle against Tofuu, he manage to get the upper hand as he finished off Tofuu. His time was cut short as Blue member, Poke, landed the last hit to eliminate Defek. 
Pokediger1 Male Blue 13 9 After the defeat of Defek, Flexvoid soon ran back to finish off Poke. In combat mode, Flexvoid managed to knock him to the lake, giving him the advantage. Landing the last few hits to finish off Poke. 
DulJuice Female Green 12 9 In a Nether Fortress, a Wither Skeleton approaches her and her team. Straub attempting to kill it off, it managed to make contact with Dul, resulting her quick death. 
DrPlayStation Male Yellow 11 11 Battling against Blazes, he entered area of their spawning. In an attempt to grab the blaze rods, he gets englufed in flame by the Blazes. He ends up burning to death from the powerful fire.
Bayani Male Green 10 12 Stunned of their opponets' better gear and potions. He and his remaining teammates tries to fight of the Purple Team, where H nears in to make the final blow.
StrauberryJam Male Green 9 12 Distraught of the loss of their teammate, Bayani. Straub and Vas runs away from the fight, in an attempt to escape. Split apart from Vas, he tries to run to the jungle where he is later shot by Devon.
Vasehh Male Green 8 12 Along in the jungle, he tries fight head-on, only to meet his death from Devon's bow shot.
Flexvoid Male Yellow 7 13 Fending off against the Ender Dragon, he falls from a height that ultimately removes him the game. 
Thinknoodles Male Yellow 6 13 He tries to fight off the Ender Dragon, but is in a new trouble once Purple Team enters the End. Upon enterting, he is killed by Tomahawk.
HBomb94 Male Purple 5 13 Unknown of Graser's sudden appearance, he is snuck up from behind where he is killed. 
Graser10 Male Orange 4 13 Entering the End, he kills off Hbomb, however Hbomb warns this teammates of this presence. Outnumbered, low to no chance, he dies from Tomahawk. 
Devon_Mies Male Purple 3 13 As the last remaining team, luck is on their side. Turned around, an Enderman sneak up from behind where he dies from the damage. 
Tybzi Male Purple 2 13 Towering up the Obsidian Pillar, he quickly makes his way up. Unknown of the Ender crystal's powerful explosion, once destroyed, he fires one arrow that kills him off of the competition. 
ThatOneTomahawk Male Purple 1 13 Last one standing, he maneuvers through the End. Where his luck runs out as an Enderman snuck on him from behind, killing off. Resulting in the Ender Dragon to be the victor. 

Ultra Hardcore (Season 5)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 5) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
ChildDolphin Male 24th 2 He jumps off of a cliff and misses the body of water.
KermitPlays Male 23rd 3 Caving, Tybzi sneak up on him and kills him off. 
Palmerater Male 22nd 4 In search for food, he starves to death. 
DrPlayStation Male 21st 4 Killed by Ginger. 
TheBestGinger9 Male 20th 4 After killing a Creeper, he exits out of the server, where he is eliminated by Combat Logging.
MInecraft4Meh Male 19th 6 He and Bayani battle where he is outmatch, killing him off of the competition.
Defek7 Male 18th 6 Resurfacing, he sees Bayani. The two have a small showdown where Defek dies in combat. 
Bayani Male 17th 6 He is snuck up by Tomahawk, where he tries to fight back, but Tomahawk cleanly kills off. 
JoeyGraceffa Male 16th 6 In the caves, he mistakenly walks off into a hole below, killing him off. 
ThatOneTomahawk Male 15th 6 In a chase, Graser finds Tomahawk swimming across the lake. Graser switches to his bow to make the final bow shot. 
PatClone Male 14th 6 In smelthing mode, Pat's hiding spot is discovered by Straub. Straub maneuvers down to his cave, fighting back, he dies in the hands of Straub.
Tybzi Male 13th 6 A battle in the small hills, Graser knocks Tybzi down to a small opening. Graser delivers the final hit before the Zombies arrive.
Grapeapplesauce Male 12th 6 Luck on his side, he snags a Power 3 bow from fishing. Moving through the swamps, he kills a pig, soon to be kicked out of the server. He return to find out that he is eliminated
Graser10 Male 11th 7 In the fields, he and Hbomb have a stand off, using only bows. He then is eliminated when Hbomb fires another hit from a distance.
StrauberryJam Male 10th 7 After killing a pig, his computer crashes. Reconnecting, he discovers that he dies from unknown causes.
HBomb94 Male 9th 7 In a battle against Vas, the two then go all out. Nearing in Vas, he finds out that Vas' sword is enchanted with Fire Aspect. He dies in a fiery death.
Vasehh Male 8th 8 In the fields, he and Poke have a one on one fight. He is outmatched by Poke as he soon dies afterwards. 
Pokediger1 Male 7th 8 From the back, Dul nervously chases after him. Poke tries to fend off the shaking Dul, but ultimately dies.
MrMitch361 Male 6th 9 Battle at twilight, Devon and Mitch go head-to-head. Low health, Devon runs away from the battle to fire multiple bow shots, Mitch tries to escape, but Devon then goes into a bow shot barrage, shooting him off of the game.
DulJuice Female 5th 9 Fire Aspect sword at her disposal, she and Tofuu have a showdown at 0,0. Lagging, Tofuu fights back even harder, eliminating Dul. 
TheCampingRusher Male 4th 10 A riverbank battle commences between Rusher and Tofuu. Rusher is then killed off by Tofuu's Fire Aspect sword. 
Devon_Mines Male 3rd 11 In a chase in the Dark Oak Forest, Tofuu attacks him from the back to land the final hit to kill of Devon.
Stacysays Female 2nd 11 In the finale, Stacy is hit by a Creeper explosion. At half health, Tofuu stands at a higher ground to fire multiple bow shots. Nearing in, Tofuu lands the final blow. 
Tofuugaming Male 1st 11 He won the fifth season after killing off Stacy. 

Ultra Hardcore (Season 6)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 6) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
ThatOneTomahawk Male Unicorns 24th 3 Venturing through a Nether Fortress, he encouters a Blaze, engulfed in flames, he tries to recover, but is eliminated afterwards.
MsMissyMinecraft Female Typhoons 23rd 3 In the caves, she is surprised by a Creeper. The explosion was enough to eliminate her from the game.
Graser10 Male Dragons 22nd 4 In the caves, he snuck up on by a Zombie wielding an iron sword. 
HBomb94 Male Titans 21st 4 Surfacing, he is spotted by Team Pandas. Disadvantage already, he is killed by MrMitch.  
Stacysays Female Knights 20th 5 Up on the surface, she and her partner, Kermit is spotted by Team Slimes. The two tries to run away, but is killed off by Minecraft4Meh.
KermitPlays Male Knights 19th 5 Up on the surface, he and his partner, Stacy are spotted by Team Slimes. They try to run away, but is caught and killed by Minecraft4Meh.
Minegal007 Female Typhoons 18th 5 Minegal and Fin engage in battle. Badly wounded, she believes that she has escaped, she sorts out her invertory, only to be ambushed by Fin.
Parker_Games Male Titans 17th 5 Alone, he surfaces up. Unknown of the danger, a Creeper explodes him. Thus eliminating him from the game
Blamph Male Dragons 16th 5 Low health, a Skeleton fires one shot, eliminating him from the game. 
Finsgraphics Male Bandits 15th 6 Out of luck, he and his brother are attacked by Team Slimes. He is killed by Minecraft4Meh.
Skypercain Male Bandits 14th 6 Out of luck, he and his brother are attacked by Team Slimes. He is killed by DrPlayStation.
Pokediger1 Male Pirates 13th 7 At height advantage, Tybzi knocks Poke off, killing him off. 
Tofuugaming Male Pirates 12th 7 In an attempt to escape, drew a fight across the desert, but ultimately killed by Tybzi.
Tybzi Male Ninjas 11th 7 Retrieving Poke's head suddenly turns for the worst. He is spotted by Team Pandas, in a 2v1, he is killed byMrMitch.
Defek7 Male Ninjas 10th 7 Attempting to avenge his teammate, he fires back with bow shots. Outnumbered and outmatched, he is then killed by MrMitch. 
DulJuice Female Unicorns 9th 7 Discovers the hideout of Team Slimes, she tries to attack them using potions of invisibility and strenght II. A Creeper then snuck up on her, alerting Team Slimes. Minecraft4Meh then heads up to kill off Dul.
Minecraft4Meh Male Slimes 8th 9 Headed for a melee fight, he goes head-to-head against MrMitch, where he meets his untimely death. 
DrPlayStation Male Slimes 7th 9 Headed for a melee fight, he goes head-to-head against Bayani, where he meets his umtimely death. 
PatClone Male Lasers 6th 9 Engage in a bow fight, Team Lasers and Team Blades raced to obtain the higher grounds. Team Blades reaching the mountain first, they used this advantage to kill him off. 
TheCampingRusher Male Laser 5th 9 Engage in a bow fight, Team Lasers and Team Blades raced to obtain the higher grounds. Team Blades reaching the mountain first, they used this advantage to kill him off. 
Grapeapplesauce Male Blades 4th 9 Low health, Team Pandas quickly closes in. A desert soon changed into a battlefield as the two teams climbed for victory. He is then hit by Bayani's bow shots, killing him off of the game. 
HeyImBee Male Blades 3rd 9 Low health, Team Pandas quickly closes in. A desert son changed into a battlefield as the two teams climbed for victory. She is then hit by Bayani's bow shots, killing her off of the game. 
Bayani Male Pandas 1st 9 He won the sixth season, along with MrMitch, after landing the final bow shots to Bee.
MrMitch361 Male Pandas 1st 9 He won the sixth season, along with Bayani, after Bayani landed the final bow shot to Bee. 

Ultra Hardcore (Season 7)

Ultra Hardcore (Season 7) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
TheCampingRusher Male 23rd 2 He was snuck up on and killed by Dul while mining. 
Bayani Male 22nd 2 In a ravine he is poisoned by a Cave Spider, escaping the area he goes to an open space where he walks into a lava flow. 
Skypercain Male 21st 3 Poorly geared, he gets snuck up on and killed by Kiingtong. 
Tybzi Male 20th 4 Attempting to sneak up on Pat, backfires when Pat heard and killed Tybzi with the help from the mobs.
PatClone Male 19th 4 The commotion attracted Straub who then swooped in and took out the still weakened Pat. 
HBomb94 Male 18th 4 At a disadvantage, he is cornered in by Kiingtong resulting in his elimination.
Finsgraphics Male 17th 4 Issues with connecting to the server, he is eliminated for not connecting in time. 
DulJuice Female 16th 5 At night, she encouters Minecraft4Meh. Her health depletes as a Creeper explode. Weakened, Minecraft4Meh emerges victorious.
Pokediger1 Male 15th 5 Engaged with a fight against Parker, he tries to run away only to die to fall damage, awarding the kill to Parker. 
Parker_Games Male 14th 5 Snuck up by Graser, he tries to make a deal in exchange for his survival but Graser killed him anyway. 
Minecraft4Meh Male 13th  6 A fight against Tofuu, he fought up a decent fight but ultimately lost to Tofuu's better gear. 
Graser10 Male 12th 6 A battle against Tofuu, he sustained the most damage as he get knocked back and sustained fall damage before being killed by Tofuu. 
ChildDolphin Male 11th  7 Straub snuck up and eliminated him who did not have to strike back.
HeyImBee  Female 10th 7 Weakened by the Silverfish, MrMitch snuck up on her, where she met her doom. 
Shep689 Male 9th 7 Close to starvation, he and Grape encounter each other in the swamp, where he dies by starvation. 
StrauberryJam Male 8th 8 Charging toward Tofuu with his horse, he becomes extremely glitchy and is ultimately killed by Tofuu. 
Devon_Mines Male 7th 8 He tries to sneak up on Tofuu, but only taking down his absorption hearts. Tofuu then overpowered Devon, thus eliminating him.
Tofuugaming Male 6th 8 He finally met his defeat as he is taken down by Grape's excellent bow and arrow skills. 
Kiingtong Male 5th 10 Stand off against Grape, he is at a disadvantage as he was unechanted. He resorts to flint-and-steel but burns himself before Grape finishes him.
Stacysays Female 4th 10 In a small forest, she and Grape begins a fight. She is becomes the next victim as she falls to Grape's fishing rod push-and-bow strategy. 
MrMitch361 Male 3rd 10 Grape then hunts down MrMitch. The fight changes into a bow fight, unable to land one hit, he is then killed by Grape.
JWingWangWong Male 2nd 10 Unenchanted, he faces Grape. With a few bow shots, he is killed by Grape.
Grapeapplesauce Male 1st 10 He won the seventh season after he made the final bow shot to JWong.

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 8)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 8) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
MrMitch361 Male Deep Voice 24th 1 Fending off a zombie, his internet freezes causing him to be eliminated.
PatClone Male The Sheps 23rd 3 Hunting down The Ninjas, he goes after Poke. Low-hearted, he became vitims to Poke. 
Dfield Male Sheps 22md 3 Forced to retreat from Defek, he is seen by Graser. Making the final strike, he is killed by Graser.
Shep689 Male Sheps 21st 3 Last member left, he tries to kill Poke, but using his Golden Apple and Defek's help he becomes another victim tp the NInjas.
ChildDolphin Male Shake N' Bake 20th 6 Distracted by the bow fight, Grape sneak up from behind and kills him off.
Minecraft4Meh Male Shake N' Bake 19th 6 Chasing after Grape, he tries to fend him off, but Grape manages to fire one bow shot and one final strike that eliminatied him. 
JWingWangWong Male Shake N' Bake 18th 6 Running against Grape, he stops to fire one bow shot, but is eliminated by Bayani. 
FollowKevn Male Soup-A-Stars 17th 6 In the Dark Oak forest, he is shot by Poke. 
Grapeapplesauce Male Soup=A-Stars 16th 6 On top of the forest, Soup-A-Stars and The Ninjas have a bow fight. Defek miraculously fires one shot that kills Grape. 
Bayani Male Soup-A-Stars 15th 6 Low health, Defek fires more shot that kills Bayani. 
Defek7 Male The Ninjas 14th 6 Fell of a tree, he is ambushed by a Creeper, killimg him. 
Pokediger1 Male The Ninjas 13th 7 At the edge of the border, The Nudists managed to overpower him.
TheCampingRusher Male Tigermilk 12th 7 Retreating from the fight against Roflcopters, he tries to eat a Golden Apple but is killed by Tybzi before the Golden Apple took effect 
StrauberryJam Male Roflcopters 11th 7 Knocked back by Tofuu, Straub tries to finish him off, but is quickly killed. 
Parker_Games Male Roflcopters 10th 7 Low health, he tries to sneak up on Stacy. He then dies from fall damage caused by Stacy's knockback sword. 
Tofuugaming Male Tigermilk 9th 7 Retrats back to the hill, he is then finished off by Tybzi.
DulJuice Female The Nudists 8th 7 Enchanted, The Nudists are snuck up by Deep Voice. She is overwhelmed by the chaos she is killed by Hbomb. 
Devon_Mines Male The Nudists 7th 7 He then begins lagging, Tomahawk then rushes to Devon, where he is killed by him. 
Kiingtong Male The Nudists 6th 7 Weakened, he tried to escape but Tomahawk fired one bow shot that killed him. 
Tybzi Male Roflcopters 5th 7 No where to run, the border was closing in. Outnumbered and overpowered, he is then killed by Tomahawk.
Graser10 Male The Ninjas 4th 8 On the roof of the forest, he challenges Deeo Voice. However, in two hits is killed by Tomahawk
Stacysays Female Tigermilk 3rd 8 At the top of a hill, she tries to fend off Hbomb and Tomahawk. Her strategy does not work as she killed by Tomahawk.
HBomb94 Male Deep Voice 1st 8 He won the eighth season, along with Tomahawk, after Tomahawk made the final bow shot to Stacy.
ThatOneTomahawk Male Deep Voice 1st 8 He won the eighth season, along with Hbomb, after he made the final bow shot to Stacy.

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 9)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 9) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
FollowKevn Male 24th 2 Whilst fighting a Zombie, he accidentally hit an Enderman. After teleporting away, believing that he is in the clear, the Enderman eliminates him,
HBomb94 Male 23rd 3 While caving he had assumed that he had stepped on a block but instead a lava pool, causing him to be eliminated. 
Dfield Male 22nd 3 Exploring a ravine and fell into the lava below after misplacing the water block needed to get down.
Devon_Mines Male 21st 3 Seen from a chunk error, Minecraft4Meh made his way to Devon and successfully eliminated him
JWingWangWong Male 20th 4 His name tag was een from above by Dolphin. Dolphin dug down and ambushed JWong, successfully getting the kill.
HeyImBee Female 19th 4 While caving, she was snuck up by a Creeper and was killed by the explosion.
KermitPlays Male 18th 5 Up on the sruface, he was greeted by Zombies and Creeoers. The Creeper exploded, leaving him low health, but the explosion finished him.
Tybzi Male 17th 5 Bow-fighting against Grape, he was easily killed by the better geared Grape.
Grapeapplesauce Male 16th 6 Snuck up by Kiingtong, he heads to the forest. Kiingtong's Power 3 Bow was too much and it eliminated Grape.
ThatOneTomahawk Repeatedly firing arrows to Graser, Tomahawk was overwhelmed by Graser's more powerful gear.
Minecraft4Meh 7 Discovered by Kiingtong, he fights back but Kiingtong's rapid fire arrows killed him.
Bayani Sneaking up on Tofuu fails as he was killed off in the process.
Pokediger1 Kiingtong causing a scare, Poke tries to fight him off. Later be killed by one of Kiingtong's arrows.
StrauberryJam Up in his skybase, Graser fires one arrow where it kills of Straub.
PatClone Burned to death.
DulJuice 8 Curioused by her surroundings, Taalekio snucks up on her. 
MrMitch361 Bow fight to Sword fight, Tofuu overpowered MrMitch. 
TheCampingRusher The tension rises as the battle head off into the rooftops of the Dark Oak Forest. Ulltimately resulting in Rusher;s elimination.
ChildDolphin Low health, Talekio goes and easily kills him off. 
Shep689 9 Trying to sneak up on Tofuu, his time runs out as Tofuu overpowers Shep completely. 
Graser10 Fallen into a pond, Talekio gets the upperhand, easily killing Graser.
Tofuugaming Face-t0]o-face against Talekio, he fends him off as much as he could before the knockback pushes him off and dies.
Kiiingtong  Escaping from the fight, he heads to higher grounds but dies as Talekio fires another bow shot. 
Talekio He won the ninth season after firing a bow shot to Kiingtong. 

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 10)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 10) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
PatClone  Male Team Crimson 22nd 2 In an abandones mineshaft, a Creeper sneaks up from behind and explodes.
ChildDolphin 4 Sneaking up on Magenta Team, Dolphin and Bayani are pushed against the wall as Dolphin dies in the process. 
Pokediger1 6 Cornered, Poke tries to run away but is quickly caught up by Hbomb. 
Bayani In the caves, a Skeleton fires a shot, causing him fall and die.
StrauberryJam Enchanted and geared, he fights off Tomahawk only to die in the process.
ThatOneTomahawk In the field, Tomahawk goes in to finish off the deed, to only die from Grape.
Devon_Mines Trying to fend off Grape, Devon is overpowered by Grape's better gear and PvP skill.
FollowKevn 7 Up on the trees, he and Grape begins a bow battle. Kevin tries to fight off, but once Grape fired another shot, he falls off of the tree and dies. 
JWingWangWong Hiding in the caves, he tries to get his horse to safety, but suffocates. 
HBomb94 Noticing Grape from a distance, he is astonished by the damage he has dealt. Going into combat, his horse dies and so does he. 
Grapeapplesauce In a bow battle against Dfield, he tries to fight him off but dies in the process.
Tybzi In a nether Fortress, Tofuu finds the duo quickly. Tofuu then manages to kill off Tybzi in the process.
Graser10 Already losing Tybzi, he digs down to Tofuu. However, Tofuu also kills Graser.
Dfield 8 In the flat lands, he falls down into a ravine, where Minecraft4Meh follows him and makes the kill.
HeyImBee Continuing the death chain, Minecraft4Meh went off to attack Red Team. Bee is overpowered by Minecraft4Meh's strangth. 
KermitPlays Trying to fight off Minecfrat4Meh, he regains some health only to be killed off, seconds later. 
Tofuugaming 9 Falling into the same ravine, he fights off Minecraft4Meh, trying to have the upperhand, but ultimately dies. 
MInecraft4Meh Heading up, he falls demise to Magenta Team as they took the advantage and double teamed against him.
MrMitch361 Fighting against Kiingtong, he soon dies from the mass damage.
TheCampingRusher Attempting to kill off Kiingtong, he rushes in, but dies in vain. 
Talekio He won the tenth season with Kiingtong, after Kiingtong killed Rusher.
Kiingtong He won the tenth season with Talekio, after he killed Rusher. 

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 11)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 11) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
JWingWangWong Male 21st 1 He goes down to a Desert Temple, unknown of the TNT explosion, he steps on the pressure plate and dies.
FollowKevn 2 He accidentally drencehd himself in lava to half a heart and dies from fall damage.
8BitHomo 4 Distracted by the Skeleton bow drop, Tybzi rushed and cornered him in a wall. Surprised, he tries to escape, but Tybzi kills him off.
Kiingtong Encountering Huahwi in the Nether, Kiintong managed to stay low. Now encountering Tofuu, he is meets his stop as Tofuu was better geared. 
TheCampingRusher 5 Dfield sneaks up on Rusher, gaining the advantage, Dfield successfully kills Rusher off. 
PatClone 6 Duel in the surface, Pat tries to go in a melee fight. However, Grape manages to turn the table and eliminate Pat.
StrauberryJam Fighting against Tofuu, Tybzi joins in the fight. The two head to a higher grounds, where Tybzi took control and eliminated Straub and Tofuu.
Tofuugaming Fighting against Straub, Tybzi joins in the fight. The two head to a higher grounds, where Tybzi took control and eliminated Straub and Tofuu. 
Tybzi Retreating to Straub's house, only to be trapped and killed of by Dfield.
Grapeapplesauce Taking higher ground, Grape is forced to run and is eliminated by Dfield.
MrMitch361 7 At 0,0, Graser lead Dfield to MrMitch. Threatened by Dfield's bow, MrMitch headed in for melee but was outmatched.
ThatOneTomahawk Potions in disposal, he goes for Dfield. Despite possessing Strength, Swiftness, and Poison potions, Dfield was able to kill Tomahawk.
Finsgraphics At a disadvantage, he still goes for Dfield only to be eliminated by him.
Pokediger1 8 Managed to escape the battlefield, Poke dies to one bow shot from Talekio.
Minecraft4Meh Taking a breather from the battlefield, Dfield spots him. Minecraft4Meh then drank a Swiftness potion, but Dfield was able to catch and kill him.
Graser10 Escaping so many possible deaths, his time ran up as Bayani caught up to him, ending his "magic show".
Talekio 9 At a disadvantage, he backs aways from his fight with Bayani, only to be snuck up and killed by Dfield. 
Huahwi Finally at the floating island, his time hits an end as he was no match to Dfield. 
RumbleCrumble Entering the battlefield, he meets hsi demise as Dfield easily eliminates him.
Bayani Overpowered by Dfield's gear, he becomes the last person to die. 
Dfield He won the eleventh season after killing Bayani. 

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 12)

Note: It is recommended to visit the main article for better explanation.

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 12) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
ChildDolphin Male Teal Team 24th He died from a Zombie spawner. 
EchoInck 23 6 Clash against the Pink Team, he dies as he is double teamed by 8Bit and Kevin. 
Tofuugaming 22 Trying to kill off Dfield, made no success, as he soon falls by 8Bit
JWingWangWong 21st Trying to kill off Dfield, failed, as he then killed by Kevin. 
FollowKevn 7 He is doubled teamed by Poke and Grape, and is shot by Poke. 
8BitHomo Trying to get revenge, proved to be more difficult as Grape took over and killed him off. 
Dfield Chased by Bee, he tries to escape, but dies from Grape.
Pokediger1 Entering the End Portal, his team begins to fight the Ender Dragon. However, his time comes to a close as MrMitch finishes him.
Grapeapplesauce Targets at his team, he tries to fight off the others. Trying to collect his thoughts, he is then killed by Enderman. 
HeyImBee Now alone and an open target, Huahwi fired one shot that kills her.
MrMitch361 Low on health, he an Huahwi are rushed by ChiTownKillerz, eliminating Teal Team.
Huahwi Low on health, he and MrMitch are rushed ChiTownKillerz, eliminating Teal Team.
HBomb94 He won the season, along with Tybzi and Talekio after he killed the Ender Dragon. After extiting the End Portal, their team are targeted and Hbomb is killed by Straub. 
Tybzi He won the season, along with Hbomb and Tybzi, after Hbomb killed the Ender Dragon. After exiting the Ender Portal, their team are targeted and Tybzi is killed by Graser. 
Peckett Weakened by the commotion, he is killed by Straub. 
Talekio Outnumbered, he is double teamed by Kiingtong and Graser, and then killed.
Graser10 Away from his team members, he is killed by Rumble. 
KermitPlays Targeted because of his weaker armor, he soon dies from Rusher's shot.
RumbleCrumble In the midst of a war zone, he is killed by Bayani. 
Kiingtong Overwhelmed by The Ducklings, he successfully evade, to meet and killed by Rusher.
StrauberryJam Low health, The Ducklings went after him in The End and successfully killed him.
Bayani He won 1.5st place after he and his team defeated Straub.
PatClone He won 1.5st place after he and his team defeated Straub.
TheCampingRusher He won 1.5st place after he and hsi team defeated Straub.

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 13)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 13) Eliminations
Participant Gender Rank Episode Reason for elimination
StrauberryJam Male 24th 2 Distracted by a Zombie, he did not notice the Creeper behind him. The explosion was too powerful, resulting in Straub's elimination.
PatClone Male 23rd 3 Failing to realize that 8Bit was planning a trap on him, he dies off as 8Bit attacks him while trying to enchant. 
Bayani Male 22nd 3 On a mission to build a house, CreeperFarts interrupts the process by breaking the truce, chaining a predator-prey chase. Bayani's health depleting from fall damage, CreeperFarts nears in and lands one hit, thus eliminating him from the competition.
NoBoomGaming Male 21st 4 Attempting to sneak on Poke, the table turns once Poke notices that there was another player in sight. Through numerous dodges from bow shots, Noboom is trapped in a corner, where he meets his untimely death.
HBomb94 Male 20th 4 Like NoBoom, HBomb also attempts to sneak up on Poke, but Poke soon noticed. The result stayed the same as HBomb would fall into Poke's destruction.
CreeperFarts Male 19th 4 On a battle at (0,0), Grape chases after him, where CreeperFarts tries to run away, but Grape soon catches up. In an attempt to kill Grape, CreeperFarts places a lava bucket, before he dies in combat.
HyperCraft Male 18th 5 Bow fight in the everning, he and Poke have a good fashion bow fight. Shocked by Poke's better gear, like his Fire Aspect sword, he soon falls. 
HeyImBee Female 17th 5 At (0,0), Bee overhears Talekio at a distance. She then uses her Flame enchanted bow against her enemy. A few misses, she goes down to lower lever where she meets her death. 
Kiingtong Male 16th 5 Batte in the fields, he meets up with Tybzi. Set ablaze by Tybzi he runs to the village nearby only to die from the damage. 
Pokediger1 Male 15th 5 Moving up to be one of the powerful players. His season hits a stop as a battle against Grape commeced. Battle near the river side, he gets a few hit against Grape but is overwhelmed by Grape's abundance of Golden Apple. His luck soon runs cold as he is eliminated. 
Tybzi Male 14th 5 At night, he and Tofuu go one-on-one in the grassfield. His luck rises but falls down as Tofuu fight back harder. In an attempt to kill Tofuu, he set the field on fire. Tofuu then catches up and kills him. 
DulJuice Female 13th 5 Noticed by the corner of Grape's eye. She is spotted and rusn away. However, Grape catches up and does a clean and easy kill. 
Graser10 Male 12th 5 In a request by Dul, he goes after Graser as the next victim. He and Grape go one-on-one. Graser's light then fades as his death overshadows into night. 
8BitHomo Male 11th 6 In the forest, he encounters Grape. The two battled it out, but he couldn't match up against Grape.
Dfield Male 10th 6 Tired of running, he faces his opponent, Grape. His bravery was not awarded as Grape manage to kill him. 
ThatOneTomahawk Male 9th 6 Up on the surface, he and Jeruhmi were evenly matched. Jeruhmi turns the table as he knocks Tomahawk into a cave, inflicting severe damage on Tomahawk, thus eliminating him. 
Jeruhmi Male 8th 6 Damaged heavily, he is spotted by Talekio. Talekio fires one arrow shot, giving him the burn effect. Attempting to escape, he uses his Ender Pearl, but the burn effect killed him anyway. 
EchoInck Male 7th 6 Unlucky with his findings, he snatches Tomahawk's loot, only to be chased by Grape. In the Dark Oak Forest, he tries to escape, but Grape manages to make the final blow. 
JWingWangWong Male 6th 6 On the surface, he and Tofuu have a small showdown. Having better gear, Tofuu kills him. 
MrMitch361 Male 5th 7 In a 3v1 against Grape, he is knocked down to a cave by Grape's shots. The alliance is forgotten as Tofuu heads down to fnish him off. 
TheCampingRusher Male 4th 7 Running from Grape, the border nears in. With no where to run, he is eliminated by Grape. 
Tofuugaming Male 3rd 7 In a bow battlefield, he is the first to fall as he was no match against Grape's better armor. 
Talekio Male 2nd 7 Heading into an Oak Forest, the final two go head-to-head. Low on health and inferior gear, he dies from Grape's final hit. 
Grapeapplesauce Male 1st 7 He won the thirteenth season after eliminating Talekio. 

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 14)

Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 14) Eliminations
Participant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination


Most seasons have elimination patterns, as seen below. 

  • Ultra Hardcore (Season 2)
    • Members of a different team: Dolphin (Twerkaholics), Flexvoid (Mobs In Black), Vas (Twerkaholics), Mags (Mobs In Black)
  • Ultra Hardcore (Season 3)
    • In male to female: Palmerater (Male), Dul (Female), MrMitch (Male), Kricken (Female)
    • It stops after Kricken, but creates a new pattern: Kricken (Female), Ashley (Female), Vas (Male), Mags (Male)
  • Ultra Hardcore (Season 4)
    • In three members: Grape (Orange), Rusher (Orange), MrMitch (Orange), Ashley (Red), Lizzie (Red), Vikk (Red).
      • The patterns stops after Vikkstar is eliminated. 
    • It begins again in two males to two females: Rusher (Male), MrMitch (Male), Ashley (Female), Lizzie (Female), Vikk (Male), Tofuu (Male)
  • Ultra Hardcore (Season 6)
    • In male to female: Hbomb (Male), Stacy (Female), Kermit (Male), Minegal (Female), Parker (Male).
    • The pattern begins again in Fin's elimination, with two members: Fin (Bandits), Sky (Bandits), Poke (Pirates), Tofuu (Pirates), Tybzi (Ninjas), Defek (Ninjas). The pattern then stops. 
    • It continues once more after MC4Meh's elimination: MC4Meh (Slimes), DrPlayStation (Slimes), Pat (Lasers), Rusher (Lasers), Grape (Blades), Bee (Blades).
      • This continues if Team Pandas' "elimination" is counted: Bayani (Pandas), MrMitch (Pandas)
  • Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 8)
    • The pattern begins with three members: Pat (Sheps), Dfield (Sheps), Shep (Sheps), Dolphin (Shake N' Bake), MC4Meh (Shake N' Bake), JWong (Shake N' Bake), Kevin (Soup-A-Stars), Grape (Soup-A-Stars), Bayani (Soup-A-Stars)
  • Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 10)
    • In two members: Tomahawk (Lime), Devon (Lime), Kevin (Gray), JWong (Gray)
    • This continues if Magenta Team's "elimination" is counted: MrMitch (White), Rusher (White), Talekio (Magenta), Kiingtong (Magenta)
  • Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 12)
    • In three members: Echo (Pink), Tofuu (Pink), JWong (Pink), Kevin (D-Team), 8Bit (D-Team), Dfield (D-Team), Poke (Crimson), Grape (Crimson), Bee (Crimson)
    • In two members: Huahwi (Teal), MrMitch (Teal), Hbomb (ChiTownKillerz), Tybzi (ChiTownKillerz).
      • Tybzi's elimination creates a new pattern: Tybzi (ChiTownKillerz), Peckett (Ugly Robots), Talekio (ChiTownKillerz), Graser (Ugly Robots).