Ender Dragon Race/Rush Spoilers
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Ender Dragon Race



April 26, 2014


February 24, 2015

Ender Dragon Race, also known as Race to the Ender Dragon is a series started by Graser10HBomb94, and TheCampingRusher. The goal is to gather resources after having been teleported 2000 blocks away from an end portal situated at 0,0 in order to be the first player to conquer the Ender Dragon.


Season 1

The episode titles may differ from the each perspective. 

Episode # Graser Hbomb Rusher
1 Episode 1 Ping Ponged Around Meeting the Competition
2 Episode 2 The Bazoodles! I Love You
3 Episode 3 The Deal! Finding an Enemy
4 Episode 4 Unfortunate Events! To the Dragon
5 N/A Notch Apple?!? Final Battles

Season 2

Episode # Graser Hbomb Rusher
1 Episode 1 Bad Spawn! The Lies Begin
2 Episode 2 Nether! Notch Apple Strategy
3 Episode 3 So Many Lies! Mind Games
4 Episode 4 The End! The Notch Apple
5 Episode 5 Big Finale! Ender Dragon Death

Season 3

Episode # Graser Hbomb Straub
1 Episode 1 TRICKSTERS! Live Orchestra
2 Episode 2 DECIEVING! Big Mistake
3 Episode 3 STALKING! Fully Enchanted
4 Episode 4 SO INTENSE! The Final Fight