For the original series, click here Ender Dragon Race.

Minecraft: Ender Dragon Rush is a game mode originally played by Graser10, TheCampingRusher, and HBomb94. 

In Minecraft: Ender Dragon Rush, teams must compete to gather the necessary materials needed as stated below before being able to enter the end dimension. PVP and Keep Inventory are enabled and any deaths lead to a 2-minute time-out session at spawn where every player's spawn-point will be set. 

The team that hits the final blow on the Ender Dragon is declared the winner of the season. 

Hosting for this Season's Enderdragon Rush is provided by 

Minecraft: Ender Dragon Rush Objectives: 

All items must be placed in each corresponding team's chest at (0,0) in order to be counted as a completed task. 

Necessary To Win / Required

1. Gather 10 Eye of Ender (Pearls are provided)

2. Gather 64 Cooked Steak [Complete/Uncompleted]

3. One player on the team must have full diamond armor

4. All armor pieces must have at least 1 enchantment on them

5. Each team must brew at least 1 potion 

Participants (Summer 2014)


S.1 - Tomahawk and Devon