Hey, I'm Bee!

Bee Avi 2015

Bee Avi 2015



Bianca (Bee-anka)[1]






September 22nd, 1993[2]





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March 30, 2009



Cube SMP
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  • February 2014
  • December 2014 (returned)
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June 2014

Cube Ultra Hardcore
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March 2014
August 2014 (returned)

Date Left

June 2014

  • S6: 3rd
  • S7: 10th
  • S9: 19th
  • S10: 8th
  • S12: 9th
  • S13: 17th
  • S15: 19th
  • S16: 13th
  • S17: 12th
  • S18: 10th
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6-7, 9-10, 12-13, 15-18

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HeyImBee, also known as Bee, is an Australian YouTuber. She has been a part of The Cube SMP Season 1, 2 and 3 . She frequently plays with YouTubers such as StrauberryJam, TYBZI, Grapeapplesauce, etc. Her Minecraft skin is a bee which explains her Minecraft name. She also explains why she calls herself Bee due to her being allergic to bees.

Besides playing Minecraft, she also plays the Sims 4. She recently moved in with Mitchell Straub (Also known as StrauberryJam) and is now living in Melbourne. She is also known for her love of Nutella. She calls her fans "my honeys".

She lived with fellow Cube member, Straub for one year in Melbourne, Australia. The two moved into their own apartment where they befriended their neighbors, Jeruhmi and Peckett. 

She had a short-lived stay at her new home at New South Wales. She said that she missed her family and wanted to live closer to them. However, on July 20, 2015, she tweeted that she will be moving back to Melbourne for better internet.[3] She said that she and Straub will visit each other and hang out.

History on YouTube

Ongoing Series 

  • The Avenue
  • Yandere Simulator
  • Buzzcraft 4.0
  • Hunger Games (Survival Games)
  • Vlogging
  • Sims 4
  • Speed
  • Boundless
  • Cube Sims

Ended Series 

Real Life 

Not a lot is really known about Bee's real life as she is very private. She has a dog who lives in her old home named Rosie. When she lived at home with her family she used to go a beach almost everyday.

She lived with StrauberryJam for an entire year and were friends with their neighbors Jeruhmi and Peckett.

Bee, Dolphin, Jeruhmi, and Straub decided to go on a roadtrip together. However, Straub decided to leave while in between the trip. 

In June 2015, the lease for her and Straub's apartment has ended. She had a short-lived stay at her new home in New South Wales because of the bad internet connection. She then explained that she would return back to Melbourne with her boyfriend Gingy.

She went traveling for a month from Australia to her final destination, Japan. Due to this, she was semi active on her YouTube channel, uploading very few videos while she could. As of late September 2015, she has returned and is going to move in with Straub once more. She will be staying with Straub until she finds an apartment in Melbourne.[4] She and Straub shared this apartment from September-November 2015. 

In early November 2015, Bee and Gingy moved into their new home.

Late 2015, she and Gingy separated. Bee mentions that the two are still on good terms and are still good friends.[5]

In April 2016, Bee made a video talking about moving in with 3 friends, Peckett, Straub and Ryan (a person who is mentioned in Bee's tweets a lot). She had also mentioned she would be streaming a lot due to the good internet connection.

UHC Stats, Charts, and Summaries 

Season 6

Main Article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 6)

Bee made her first appearance to Cube UHC in season 6. This season teams of 2 were chosen chosen at random; which led her to be paired with Grapeapplesauce in team Blades. In episode 3 Bee took fall damage which led to her loosing half a heart. Bee and Grape went mining for the first 5 episode but luck wasn't favouring them as they weren't able to locate enough diamonds to get enchanted. Nearing the end in episode 9 team Blades had ran into team Lasers and engaged in a bow fight. Although team Blades had the advantage of gaining high ground, they were detriment in the number of their hearts. Bee only having four hearts and Grape with 3 they decided not to charge into sword battle. As morning came, team Pandas appeared in the fight. Team Blades ran to escape a 3 team fight which subsequently led to team Lasers being killed by team Pandas. With Bee and Grape still trying to escape team Pandas caught up and had them cornered. Bayani from the rival team shot both Bee and Grape finishing the season for team Blades. Bee placed third in the season with team Blades placing in second.

Season 7

Main Article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 7)


  • Bee did not debut until Season 6. 
  • Bee did not participate in Seasons 8, 11, 14 and 19.
  • Team rankings will not be added for Season 16, due to twists involving team formations.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.6 Team Blades Shot by Bayani - Team Pandas 9 0 3rd 2nd
S.7 - Killed by MrMitch361 7 0 10th -
S.9 - Blown up by Creeper 4 0 19th -
S.10 Red Team Slain by Minecraft4Meh 8 0 8th 5th
S.12 Crimson Team Shot by Huahwi - Teal Team 7 0 9th 4th
S.13 - Slain by Talekio 5 0 17th -
S.15 - Burned to death 2 0 19th -
S.16 Team Eight Fell from a high place 5 0 13th -
S.17 - Slain By Grapeapplesauce 4 1 12th -
S.18 - Suffocated in a wall 4 0 11th -


  • She is known for substituting words with "bee" to other words with a similar sound. 
  • Her Minecraft texture pack is bee-themed, which makes several items related to a bee. Her hunger bars are in the shape of a flower, as in pollen for bees. Her armor bar is also black and yellow. She also made a few changes to the names, for example,
    • Golden XXX ---> Honey XXX
  • Bee responded to a question in her comments asking if she was ever going to release her texture/resource pack, Bee then said, "I'm sorry, but no, the creator asked me not to."
  • Bee surpassed 100,000 subscribers on the 17th of February 2015. She filmed her reaction and phoned her brother who congratulated her. Straub then surprised her on camera with party poppers and a sparkler to celebrate.
  • Bee's UHC rank average is 12.1 (Better than straub's. Grape: 9.0 Dfield: 8.9 Huahwi: 7.5)
  • Bee surpassed 200,000 subscribers on the 31st of July 2015. To celebrate this, she made a 'Draw my life' video which you can find on her Youtube channel, 
  • Her favorite number is 5.[6]

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