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  • Master Mitch
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January 16, 1997



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October 23, 2012



Cube SMP
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November 2013

Cube Ultra Hardcore
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October 2013

  • S3: 20th
  • S4: 19th
  • S5: 6th
  • S6: 1st
  • S7: 3rd
  • S8: 24th
  • S9: 8th
  • S10: 4th
  • S11: 11th
  • S12: 8th
  • S13: 5th
  • S14: 14th
  • S15: 16th
  • S16: 20th
  • S17: 8th
  • S18: 17th
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Cube Evolution
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August 2014

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November-December 2014

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MrMitch361 is a Canadian YouTuber who plays on the Cube SMP and with the Cube group. His real name is Mitchell, but he goes by Mitch. He is known for looking attractive mostly because of his hair. His closest friends on YouTube are TheCampingRusher, ChildDolphin, DfieldMark and Graser10. Mitch primarily makes videos Minecraft. He also plays Minecraft Factions and Minecraft UHC Factions with TheCampingRusher, ChildDolphin, and RumbleCrumble, as well as a few scences with DFieldMark, FarFewGames (ChildDolphin's brother), StitchYT, and Dfield's brother, Insanity818 on TheArchon PvP Minecraft Server (IP: which is owned by TheCampingRusher, ChildDolphin, DFieldMark, and FarFewGames. A minor piece of TheArchon server is owned by MrMitch361 and StitchYT.

Real Life

Mitch currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. He has a younger sister named either Ella or Ellie.

Cube SMP 

Cube Ultra Hardcore 

Elimination History 

  • MrMitch first appeared in season 3.
  • MrMitch died early on in season 8, but his team still claimed victory, thus earning him a win.
  • Season 16 team ranks will not be added due to twists involving new team formations
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.3 - Slain by Pokediger1 5 0 20th -
S.4 Orange Team Tried to swim in lava 6 0 19th 2nd
S.5 - Shot by Devon_Mines 9 0 6th -
S.6 Team Pandas Winner 9 4 1st 1st
S.7 - Killed by Grapeapplesauce 10 1 3rd -
S.8 Deep Voice *Slain by Zombie - internet issues
1 0 24th 1st
S.9 - Slain by Toffugaming 8 0 8th -
S.10 White Team Slain by Kiingtong-Magenta team 9 0 4th 2nd
S.11 - Slain by Dfield 7 0 11th -
S.12 Teal Team Slain by TYBZI - (#)ChiTownKillerz 7 1 8th  3rd
S.13 - Slain by Tofuugaming 7 0 5th -
S.14 Teal Team Slain by Kiingtong - Gray Team 6 0 14th 7th
S.15 - Slain by Dfield 4 0 16th -
S.16 Team 4 Slain by Grape 4 0 20th -
S.17 - Slain by Fin 5 0 8th -
S.18 - Blown up by a creeper 2 0 17th -

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  • MrMitch and Graser share the same birthday, January 16th.
  • He is the only season 3 debutee that still continue to participate in Cube Ultra Hardcore
  • Mr mitch lost all his footage from season 10
  • He did not upload his season 4 perspective for unknown reasons


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