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I would rather regret something I chose to do, than to regret not doing something.


Parker Avi 2015












Date Joined

December 1, 2013



Cube SMP
Date Joined

February 2014

Cube Ultra Hardcore
Date Joined

March 2014

Date Left

July 2014

  • S6: 17th
  • S7: 14th
  • S8: 10th
  • S17: 13th
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Cube Evolution
Date Joined

August 2014

Date Left

November-December 2014

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ParkerGames (more commonly known as Parker by his friends), is an American YouTuber who mostly produces Minecraft videos and in-real-life skits. He was a new addition to the Cube SMP (Season 1), joining back in February 2014. He is also in Cube UHC, starting his UHC journey back in the sixth season - until his official departure in the eighth season , where he officially retired from the gamemode entirely. However, it is currently not known if he is joining the roster once again, since he was a part of the Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 17) roster. He was one of the original members of the modded series, Cube Evolution.

Parker regularly records with fellow Cube members: Hbomb, TybziGraserStraub, Rusher, Grape, and several others. Parker is also good friends with Cube member and server manager, Defek. As they both lived together where they resided in California. At the time, Parker was also pursuing acting, as he has been in a few movies. 

Parker has another channelwhere he plays random games and posts skits. He currently resides in Southern California, in a 3 story apartment.  

Parker in real life

History on YouTube

Ongoing Series

  • Achievement Unlocked
  • Cube Evolution
  • Challenge Accepted
  • If --- Played Minecraft
  • Prank Calls
  • Minecraft Funny Moments
  • Cube SMP Season 2 (Twitch)

Ended Series 

  • Moon Race (with SSundee)
  • Cube UHC Seasons 6 - 8
  • Cube SMP Season 1

In Real Life 

History On/With The Cube SMP

Season 1

Main article: Cube SMP (Season 1)

Season 2 

Main article: Cube SMP (Season 2)

Parker continued his Cube SMP in Season 2, and streamed his episodes.

Season 3

Main article: Cube SMP (Season 3)

Parker is a part of the Cube SMP S3 roster. He uploaded his first episode later than the others, since he wanted his series to be awesome, unforgettable and unique.

UHC Stats, Charts, and Summaries

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Season 6 

Main article: Ultra Hardcore Season 6

Season 7

Main article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 7)

Season 8

Main article: Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 8)

Elimination History

  • Parker first appeared in season 6. 
  • Parker did not participate from season 9 - 16.
  • Parker has return in season 17.
  • Parker didn't return for season 18 and onward.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.6 Team Titans Blown up by Creeper 5 0 17th 11th
S.7 - Killed by Graser10 5 1 14th -
S.8 Roflcopters Hit the ground too hard - caused by Stacysays (Tigermilk) 7 0 10th 4th


As your leader, I command you to stay here and party forever.


Diamond Dance!


Flaws are what makes you, you. There will always be things about yourself you don't like, but without them; you wouldn't be who you are.

—Parker, Twitter

The idea of having a name in general is weird. Parent are like, yeah this sound is cool. We are going to make this baby respond to it now.


  • Parker often does his 'Diamond Dance' - he dances around waving his hands in the air.
  • At the beginning of the Cube SMP Season 1, Parker found a white horse who he later named Jeffery. Since Parker used the name so much, he decided on calling his subscribers "Jefferys".
  • On the Cube SMP Season 1, Parker had a pet chicken figurine named "Buak Buak" who is often referred to as King Buak Buak. It was originally a prank from Bayani, but he liked it, and she became one of Parker's symbols, along with Jeffery, Dr. Pepper, and the Diamond Dance.
  • Parker is a known actor. While his full name and the movies he was in have not been made public yet, many fans know it and have watched the movies. Parker has acted in a few movies, including "Born Bad," "Penny Arcade," and "The Black Tape."
  • Parker was asked by Defek7 to run the MineplexOfficial channel.
    • However, he renamed it ParkerGames and named his old one ParkersWorld
  • Parker has played with other big YouTubers outside of the Cube Group like JeromeASF, SSundee and Lancey.
  • His favorite color is aqua. 
  • He loves Dr. Pepper.
  • After taking a 2 month break, he is now back. This was announced by the skit ''R.I.P ParkerGames''
  • During season 17 of Cube UHC he did the 'Chinese Firework Challenge' with SigilsPlayGames where they had to swap places every 5 minutes. For example, Parker plays and Sigil watches. After 5 minutes, Sigils plays and Parker watches, etc.


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