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Stacy Hinojosa

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August 23, 1983

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March 10, 2013



Cube SMP
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February 2014

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October 2014

Cube Ultra Hardcore
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January 2014

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July 2014

  • S5: 2nd
  • S6: 20th
  • S7: 4th
  • S8: 3rd
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Stacy Hinojosa


StacyPlays, also known as Stacy, is a gaming Youtuber, as well as having a vlog channel, StacyVlogs, creates mostly Minecraft content. Stacy currently has over 1 million subs on her main channel, and 200k on her vlog channel. Stacy participated in the first season of the Cube SMP, completing 50 episodes before moving on to other things. Stacy also participated in Cube UHC Season 5, 6, 7 and 8.



Stacy in real life

After her departure, however, Stacy continued making videos with some of the current Cube members such as Graser, and Parker.

Outside of her channel, she is also a consultant for the Epic Reads YouTube channel, among other professions such as: Writer, Gamer Milk Aficionado, Producer, and Photographer.

YouTube History

The first videos Stacy ever uploaded were Survival Games videos with former UHC contestant Joey Graceffa.

Other Series

Former Series

Cube SMP

While on the Cube, Stacy made many different shops, most of which related to animals. For example, a Donkey Depot, Cat Café, Equine Emporium and an Ink Shack. Stacy built her house near a giant mesa biome and designed her house based on the Pixar movie "Up".
  • Stacy's "Up" inspired house.
  • Stacy's Cat Café
  • Donkey Depot
  • Stacy's Equine Emporium
  • Stacy and Parker in their Police Department

Stacy didn't collaborate with other members of the Cube very frequently, but the most notable members she had collaborated with the most are Graser10, DevonDoesGames, and Parker Games

In Graser's 166th Cube Episode, it was revealed that Stacy would quit the Cube on her 50th episode and retire the series. 

While Stacy did leave the Cube on good terms, she still had a notable conflict with DevonDoesGames which was eventually resolved.


Stacy has organized and participated in an all-girl UHC series dubbed as "UHShe" It features Cube member HeyImBee and also consists of YouTubers who have previously participated in Cube UHC such as LDShadowLady and AshleyMarieeGaming.

Personal Life

Stacy has been raised in the mesa, as her experiences highly reflect on her Cube builds. 

Stacy is very good friends with Joey Graceffa, a previous Cube UHC participant. 

She has moved from LA to Utah with her dogs Page and Molly in 2015. 

UHC Stats, Chars, and Summaries

Cube UHC Spoilers
This article/section contains spoilers.

Season 5

Main Article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 5)

This being her first season, Stacy was quite new to the gamemode, and therefore made quite a few rookie mistakes. Stacy spawned in an extreme hills biome right by the border, which went well with her game plan of 'Trying to stay out of the action'. She took a very cautious approach towards mining, not entering a cave without one hundred percent knowledge of what's in it, and afterwards just resorted to staircasing. Throughout the season, Stacy was hated on for just 'Camping at the border' rather than getting involved in the action. This tactic, however controversial, worked as she took her first damage in episode 10. Her cautious caving however, may have been her downfall as she never sourced enough diamonds to enchant, only obtaining four. She did obtain an enchantment book, though, in a chest, which she would later add to her sword. When a final meetup was called in episode 9, she was forced to head in. The moment she stepped within the vicinity of 0,0, in episode 11, she lost half her health to a creeper and then the rest of it to Tofuugaming, who would ultimately be the death of her!

Season 6

Main Article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 6)

The twist in Season 6 was 'Randomized Teams of Two' where Stacy was paired with KermitPlays to form Team Knights! With a good spawn and a good team, their season looked promising, but then, their hope started to drain when they weren't getting any luck with mining. So, in episode 5, they decided to re-surface to look for a better cave when they ran straight into Minecraft4Meh and DrPlayStationNation of Team Slimes. Team Slimes, being enchanted and having the surprise, made it a pretty one-sided fight when Minecraft4Meh got the finishing hit on both Stacy, and KermitPlays.

Season 7

Main Article: Ultra Hardcore (Season 7)

Stacy returned to UHC in season 7. This being a mumble season, she and a few run-ins with other participants. Stacy had heard HeyImBee in her first and second episode, Stacy artfully searched for her trying to obtain first blood; with Bee unaware that Stacy was listening to her commentary. However Stacy was unable to locate Bee and soon returned to mining. Stacy was lucky enough to find 5 diamonds on the second episode and then she resorted to getting herself enchanted in the third. While caving Stacy had found a cave which had already been explored by another participant, Stacy decided to escape the cave and set base elsewhere. She took damage in episode 5 when she broke a stone block that spawned in silverfish. Stacy ended up heading to 0,0 in episode 10 where she ran into Grapeapplesauce. Grape bow spammed Stacy, lowering her hearts and making her an easy target. Grape then killed Stacy finishing her season and making her place 4th.

Season 8

Main Article: Cube Ultra Hardcore (Season 8)

Elimination History 

  • Stacy first appeared in season 5. 
  • Stacy did not compete in season 1-4, 9 - onwards. 
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.5 - Slain by Tofuugaming 11 0 2nd -
S.6 Team Knights Slain by Minecraft4Meh - Team Slimes 5 0 20th 12th
S.7 - Killed by Grapeapplesauce 10 0 4th -
S.8 Tigermilk Shot by ThatOneTomahawkDeep Voice 8 1 3rd 2nd


  • "Page and Molly love you, go rescue a dog!" (at the end of her videos)
  • "Baby Zombie, Why!?"
  • "I died!"
  • "Page and Molly love you, go read a book!" (at the end of her bookcraft videos)


Every Monday, Stacy posts vlogs about her life. She also has a completely separate vlogging channel where she posts only vlogs called StacyVlogs. It currently has over 20 videos and 80,000 subscribers. 


  • She is currently the oldest person who has ever been on the Cube.
  • She is the most subscribed person to be a part of the Cube. 
  • Stacy holds the record in Cube UHC for lasting the longest on full hearts, staying at full health until episode 10.
  • Stacy's viewers are known as "Potato Flakes", due to her favorite milk containing potato flakes.
  • She studied Journalism in college and minored in Political Philosophy.
  • She recently found out she had Celiac disease.
  • She spent some of her childhood living in Germany.
  • The creators of the game "The Long Dark" named the item "Stacy's Grape Soda" after her.
  • She is probably the most successful Cube member as she has the most views out of any of the other official members.
  • On her Diversity series, it was revealed that she took piano lessons as a child. This is shown in episode 11, during the Trivia Branch. 
  • She dislikes Parkour as stated multiple times in her Find The Button and Diversity (1 and 2) series.
  • Her grandfather was a dairy farmer and had 300 cows.[1]
  • After one year of not competing in Cube UHC, she created and organized her very own UHC, dubbed as "UHShe", containing only female Minecraft YouTubers.
  • Stacy is very known for her large vocabulary, as stated by several of her friends as well as Graser.[2]
  • Stacy dislikes bats.
  • She is arguably the most successful former Cube member as she continued to produce quality videos as well as gaining a large amount of subscribers.
  • Her favorite color is white, mentioned multiple times throughout her channel.
    • Her signature color combo are white and blue. This is shown by her Minecraft skin as well as her YouTube banner and avatar.
  • She has never eaten a tomato. [3]
  • The earliest known video to feature Stacy was in Joey Graceffa's Hunger Craft survival series, episode 28, Stacy (while working for also featured in Finnick audition and the camping challenge.
  • Prior to Minecraft, the game Stacy was obsessed with was Farmville. [4]
  • Her favorite movie is "The Chipmunk Adventure". [5]
  • Her favorite flower in general and in Minecraft is the peony.[6]
  • Her favorite Minecraft biome is the Mesa. [7]

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