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Tybzi Avi 2016

I'm done learning new things until someone can prove to me that we won't have Google forever.


Tybzi Avi 2016

Tybzi Avi 2015 2

Tybzi Avi 2015


Tybzi 1.0



  • Tybz
  • Mike
  • Pybzi



June 19, 1995



Date Joined

November 6, 2011



Cube SMP
Date Joined

November 2013

Cube Ultra Hardcore
Date Joined

September 2013

  • S2: 6th
  • S4: 2nd
  • S5: 13th
  • S6: 11th
  • S7: 20th
  • S8: 5th
  • S9: 17th
  • S10: 11th
  • S11: 13th
  • S12: 1st
  • S13: 14th
  • S14: 7th
  • S15: 8th
  • S16: 14th
  • S17: 15th
  • S18: 6th
  • S19: 8th
Season Span

2, 4-present

Episode Count


Cube Evolution
Date Joined

August 2014

Date Left

November-December 2014

Episode Count


Social Media



TYBZI is an American Minecraft Youtuber who is part of the UHC Roster and Cube SMP. He also makes Minecraft Skywars videos.


TYBZI announced on the 14th of April 2014 that he would be taking a break from YouTube due to personal reasons, followed by a returning on the 10th of May, 2014, due to resolving his issues.


Real Life

Cube SMP

TYBZI was the Cube's first President, a joke Graser started, but it became such an on-going theme that Bayani built the White House and the members of the Cube held elections to see who would be the next President. Graser appointed himself as TYBZI's 'SS' (Secret Service). HBomb and Parker built a portrait of TYBZI to welcome him back to YouTube using a lot of blocks and a map. The Elections took place, with ChildDolphin, TheCampingRusher, HBomb and TYBZI all running for President. A website was set up by Graser to let the audience vote, and received over 50,000 votes. It is believed that the members of the Cube will have 25% of the vote and the audience will have 75%. TheCampingRusher was elected to be the next President after TYBZI, with around 9,000 votes further from Hbomb, he had over 25,000 votes.

Cube Ultra Hardcore 

Elimination History 

  • Tybzi first appeared in season 2. 
  • Tybzi did not compete in season 3, but participated from season 4-onwards.
Season Team Status Episode(s) Kill(s) Rank Team Rank
S.2 The Bowling Pins Tried to swim in lava 10 0 6th 4th
S.4 Purple Team Blew up - Ender Crystal explosion 13 0 2nd 1st
S.5 - Slain by Graser10 6 1 13th -
S.6 Team Ninjas Shot by MrMitch361 - Team Pandas 7 1 11th 6th
S.7 - Killed by PatClone 4 0 20th -
S.8 Roflcopters Shot by ThatOneTomahawk - Deep Voice 8 2 5th 4th
S.9 - Shot by Grapeapplesauce 5 0 16th -
S.10 Gold Team Slain by Tofuugaming - Purple Team 7 0 11th 7th
S.11 - Slain by Dfield 6 3 13th -
S.12 #ChiTownKillerz Slain by Graser10 - Ugly Robots
Official Winner
7 1 1st 1st
S.13 - Slain by Tofuugaming 5 1 14th -
S.14 ChiTown Slain by StrauberryJam - JoeJam 7 2 7th 4th
S.15 - Slain by NoBoomGaming 4 1 8th -
S.16 - Slain by Curtis 5 0 14th -
S.17 - Slain by heyimbee 4 1 15th -
S.18 - Slain by DfieldMark 5 0 6th -
S.19 - Slain by NoBoomGaming 4 1 8th -


We're all addicted to something that takes the pain away.


Two friends turn!

—Tybzi suggesting a movie title, Cube UHC S14: Episode 1

One of us is going to find it. It's team effort, team game.

—Tybzi being a team players, Cube UHC S14: Episode 1

I don't even know! I can't! I can't.

—Tybzi "denying" the diamonds, Cube UHC S14: Episode 2

You caught me with my pants down, basically, border!

—Tybzi surprised by the World Border, Cube UHC S14: Episode 2


  • TYBZI was slain by NoBoom on both holiday themed seasons, Season 15 and 19.
  • TYBZI was a participant in United UHC.





TYBZI's Most Viewed Youtube Video - I KILLED HUAHWI

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