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About the Cube

The Cube is a group of video game commentators who record on a constant basis, and they share a passion for Minecraft. The origin of the Cube began with the Cube SMP. The Cube SMP is a public, whitelisted, invite-only, survival-multiplayer server founded by Graser10 and Strauberryjam which began on November 25th, 2013. The series has since grown and expanded with its' companion series, Ultra Hardcore; later rebranded as Cube UHC, and a modded survival series, Cube Evolution.


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I'm done learning new things until someone can prove to me that we won't have Google forever.

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NiightOwl NiightOwl 26 April 2020

Dare I post this?

When you're bored at home and stuck in quarantine you find yourself doing increasingly odd things...me for example, find myself logging back in here,…

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AlkuraOrZak AlkuraOrZak 25 July 2019

Welcome back Cube!

Well, Cube is back. Hey everyone. NightOwl, if you are seeing this, I never really formally met you but as a fellow wiki contributor, I appreciated y…

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NiightOwl NiightOwl 23 July 2018


I was just browsing through some old memories and tried to change my profile on this but its been locked to prevent editing, even by myself XD

I know …

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