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July 11, 2015


July 11, 2015

UHC On Air is an Ultra Hardcore event that took place on July 11, 2015. The event was organized by TheBestGinger9 and the first season had 26 participants compete. The event differs from "regular" UHC series as it was streamed on Twitch.tv at 4PM EST, 3PM CST, 1PM PST, 2PM MTN.

The logo was designed by Finsgraphics.[1][2]


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Participant Status Lifespan (mins.) Ranking Team Team Ranking
Dfield Fell from a high place 51 mins 26th 11 5th
Hyperdarkness Slain by TBNRKenWorth 53 mins 25th 13 12th
BlueDeww Shot by ProHulk 72 mins 24th 8 13th
StealingStats Slain by SamAGaming 82 mins 23rd 8 13th
Abbymines Slain by Talekio 87 mins 22nd 5 3rd
Talekio Slain by Jennacee 87 mins 21st 13 12th
xHockey Shot by BiboyQG 90 mins 20th 6 11th
ProHulk Shot by Timonscholte 91 mins 19th 6 11th
Pokediger1 Slain by CamsArcade 94 mins 18th 12 10th
Tofuugaming Slain by CamsArcade 94 mins 17th 12 10th
The_Beast_In_Me Slain by Solrflares 95 mins 16th 10 7th
TheBestGinger13 Slain by Timonscholte 96 mins 15th 1 9th
Timonscholte Slain by Mentally 96 mins 14th 2 1st
Mentally Shot by SamAGaming 97 mins 13th 1 9th
TBNRKenWorth Shot by ScOpE_H3ad 98 mins 12th 9 8th
AciDicBliTzz Slain by xNestorio 98 mins 11th 9 8th
CamsArcade Slain by Solrflares 99 mins 10th 10 7th
Vaecon Slain by xNestorio 101 mins 9th 4 6th
Barcode Shot by xNestorio 101 mins 8th 4 6th
Grapeapplesauce Shot by SamAGaming 102 mins 7th 11 5th
Solrflares Slain by SamAGaming 104 mins 6th 7 4th
xNestorio Shot by SamAGaming 105 mins 5th 3 2nd
BiboyQG Shot by ScOpE_H3ad 105 mins 4th 7 4th
Jennacee Slain by SamAGaming 111 mins 3rd 5 3rd
ScOpE_H3ad Slain by Zombie - indirectly caused by SamAGaming) 111 mins 2nd 3 2nd
SamAGaming Winner of UHC On Air 111 mins 1st 2 1st

Kills Table

Participant Total Killed
SamAGaming 7 StealingStats,Mentally,Grapeapplesauce,Solrflares,xNestorio,Jennacee,ScOpE_H3ad
xNestorio 3 AciDicBliTzz,Vaecon,Barcode
ScOpE_H3ad 2 TBNRKenWorth,BiboyQG
Solrflares 2 The_Beast_In_Me,CamsArcade
CamsArcade 2 Pokediger1,Tofuugaming
Timonscholte 2 ProHulk,TheBestGinger13
Jennacee 1 Talekio
BiboyQG 1 xHockey
TBNRKenworth 1 Hyperdarkness
Mentally 1 Timonscholte
ProHulk 1 BlueDeww
Talekio 1 Abbymines


  • In the trailer, PatClone was listed as a participant, but was not present. Instead, HyperCraft takes his place as Talekio's partner.[3]
  • TheBestGinger9 was an associate with the Cube when he competed in the fifth season of Cube UHC.
  • Other participants in UHC On Air are members in other UHC groups such as xNestorio, Mentally, and TheBestGinger9.
  • Even though SamAGaming won, he was killed by a Zombie.



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