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UHC On Air S4
UHC On Air S4
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October 15, 2015


October 15, 2015

UHC On Air Season 4 is an Ultra Hardcore event that is taking place on October 15th, 2016. The event is organized by TheBestGinger9 and Mentally. This season has 40 participants competing. The event differs from "regular" UHC series as it is streamed on at 3PM EST.

This season is 1.7, horses and Nether are disable, absorbtion up to 4 hearts and a border of 1500 by 1500.




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*Bold Indicates a Debut or Returnee*

*Italics Indicates Current Cube UHC Members


Participant Status Lifespan (mins.) Ranking Team Team Ranking
iiFNaTiK Burned to death 27 min 40th 16th
LolitsAlex Burned to a crisp whilst fighting Creeper 55 min 39th 20th
Danteh Slain by RealHazza

(Suicide due to DDos)

62 min 38th 6th
PainfulPvP Slain by Mentally 65 min 37th 20th
TheBestGinger13 Slain by RedstoneCanarias ~70 min 36th 19th
Stimpy Slain by RedstoneCanarias ~70 min 35th 19th
Talekio Slain by Tylarzz 72 min 34th 3rd
Mentally Slain by BlueDeww 72 min 33rd 3rd
BlueDeww Slain by Tylarzz 72 min 32nd 18th
RobertoCein Slain by Seltix 72 min 31st 17th
AkimCraft33 Slain by SuchSpeed 73 min 30th 17th
Dfield Slain by Curtis 74 min 29th 13th
Curtis Slain by Solrflares 75 min 28th 16th
SamitoD Slain by EliazOne 75 min 27th 15th
DatOwl Slain by SlimMaster 75 min 26th 15th
Seltix Slain by RedstoneCanarias 75 min 25th 10th
RedstoneCanarias Slain by JonnyZockt 75 min 24th 15th
JonnyZockt Shot by Exidax 76 min 23rd 14th
Daannyy Slain by ZMCNikolai 76 min 22nd 14th
Fazon Slain by ScOpE_H3ad 77 min 21st 13th
Hyperdarkness Shot by BiboyQG 77 min 20th 12th
Stellios_Cantos Slain by Etoiles 78 min 19th 12th
Daiko Slain by Fukano 78 min 18th 11th
iBeaturscore Slain by ZMCNikolai 78 min 17th 11th
Mydoeza Slain by ScOpE_H3ad 80 min 16th 10th
Masant Slain by EliazOne 80 min 15th 7th
Exidax Slain by ScOpE_H3ad 80 min 14th 9th
Fukano Slain by Tylarzz 81 min 13th 8th
Etoiles Slain by RealHazza 82 min 12th 8th
Zyper Slain by EliazOne 83 min 11th 6th
RealHazza Slain by ZMCNikolai 85 min 10th 7th
ScOpE_H3ad Doomed to fall by BiboyQG 88 min 9th 4rd
JackD88 Shot by EliazOne 90 min 8th 5th
SuchSpeed Slain by ZMCNikolai 93 min 7th 5th
SlimMaster Slain by ZMCNikolai 94 min 6th 2nd
ZMCNikolai Slain by EliazOne 96 min 5th 4rd
Tylarzz Slain by Solrflares 99 min 4th 3rd
EliazOne Slain by Solrflares 104 min 3rd 2nd
BiboyQG Winners Winner 1st
Solrflares Winners Winner 1st


Participant Kill count Killed:
ZMCNikolai 5 Daanny,iBeaturscore,RealHazza,SuchSpeed,SlimMaster
EliazOne 5 SamitoD,Masant,Zyper,JackD88,ZMCNikolai
RedstoneCanarias 3 TheBestGinger13,Stimpy,Seltix
ScOpE_H3ad 3 Fazon,Mydoeza,Exidax
Tylarzz 3 Talekio,BlueDeww,Fukano
Solrflares 3 Curtis,Tylarzz,EliazOne
PVE 2 iiFNaTiK,LolitsAlex
RealHazza 2 Danteh,Etoiles
BiboyQG 2 Hyperdarkness,ScOpE_H3ad
Mentally 1 PainfulPvP
BlueDeww 1 Mentally
Seltix 1 RobertoCein
SuchSpeed 1 AkimCraft33
Curtis 1 Dfield
SlimMaster 1 DatOwl
JonnyZockt 1 RedstoneCanarias
Exidax 1 JonnyZocktYT
Etoiles 1 Stellios_Cantos
Fukano 1 Daiko


  • The season's date is planned for the 15th of October. (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Not as many Cube Member's as Season 1 will appear, leaving it almost completely non-cube.
  • xNestorio couldn't make it, because he will be out of town on October 15th.
    • He will instead by replaced by Scope_H3ad.
  • The season started 11 minutes late due to connection issues.
  • This season was the highest in DDos attacks.
  • Due to ddos issues, The lifespan of some deaths may not be 100% accurate, but still staying reasonable.




UHC on Air Season 4 Montage (Official)

UHC on Air Season 4 Montage (Official)

Official UHC ON Air Season 4 Montage