Well, the day has finally came. CUBE SMP SEASON 2 IS OUT!!! Sorry...

First, I am glad they actually did a reset. It was boring watching them play without a challenge. But now no one is too OP. 

Second, the new members. The Cube officially announced that DField, Huahwi, Poke, and Tofuu are in this new season, with a former member returning, which was Bee. I'm excited for the new members, I don't know if anyone else is, but I'm loving the new guys. I'm probably more excited for Poke and Huahwi the most because Poke has been an old time fave for me and for Huahwi, he's starting to really grow on me. Really enjoying his UHC perspective the most. I'm definitely rooting for him the most. 

Third, I'm a little disappointed that Talekio or M4M didn't join. They've been in UHC for a while now, and still nothing. It upsets me that they might now actually join. And for Vas, I was really hoping for his return. I don't know about you, but he was one of the reasons, why I am addicted to the Cube and it kills me to see not return. I enjoyed hsi content a lot. 

Fourth, this is off topic, but I'm scared a bit. There are practicallt 23 members now, which is wow 0.0 I love the new members, but something I am not fond is the future of UHC. I am in for new members, but not like this. I hope this doesn't mean that we get fewer and fewer players in future UHCs, which I despise. I always want a rotation between players, so their spark doesn't run out. I don't know. 

Reminders: The Cube SMP Season 2 page is currently up and the main page has been up to date, so you'll see some new members on there. Write down some comments below and give me some of your thoughts about Season 2. 

Almost forgot, apperently Defek will not be an official Cube member anymore which totally sucks, but nothing I can do. He will continue to be part of the Cube team as their server manager.