Welp, nothing really happened in this episode that is considered exciting or thrilling, but I did enjoy Straub's episode a lot. His perspective was entertaining to watch which also includes a verse he made out of nowhere XD Near the end of the episode, he did find a cave of someone's. It looks like someone has explored the cave and left soon after. I don't know who (probably going to watch other povs to see who it was), but they did get our of there fairly quickly. Above the cave there were experience orbs and a uncook porchop just lying on the ground. So, they probably left once they saw Straub's name or they just wanted to leave. I guess it was a great episode. If anyone else is watching any other POVs or something interesting is going to happen (like two players are near each other or a PvP is about to happen), please comment down below. 

If you have any perspective that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment also.