I can't wait for Season 11 of UHC, but I feel like they're just trying to find the right time to record. Some people are speculating that it's going to be recorded during the following weekend and it would be later uploaded on Tuesday. I think that's a very high possibility, and I do hope it happens. Last seasons, Season 10 and 11, I couldn't fully watch the seasons because school was starting up or school was on session, so I couldn't really watch the entire season. And when I tried to watch it, I just skimmed through most of the parts.  

The players I would like to return are Vas and possibly Fin. Vas is definitely one of my favorite Youtuber to return to UHC. I'm being completely bias, but Vas, Straub, Kricken, and Graser were a few Youtubers I found last summer (2013), so they hold a special place in my heart (wow, I sound corny as hell). I haven't personally watched any of his (Fin) videos a lot, but I'd like to see what happens. 

The same old players are going to still compete. 

For the newcomer, I'd like to see 3-5 new players, possibly because it's been a while before they added more than 5+ new people in a season. And it's tiring watching the same 20+ people play the same gamemode over and over again. So, I'm hoping we'd see new players, but with Season 10 with Talekio being the only one being introduced, it's a slim chance. 

Cube SMP Season 2: 

I can't freaking wait for this season. I've been so bored of the videos the Cube's been uploading on the Cube. Everyone is either too op or they've pretty much built every possible building and shop, and beaten all possible bosses. I can't wait for it. I am so excited for a fresh start on the Cube. 

Write you thoughts down below ^_^