Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can get an hd photo or any good quality photo for the Cube members profiles. I just wanted to add some new pics to the wiki pages we already created and would like to make it seem more presentable. Most of the pages are plain, no information, or just outdated stuff. If any of you guys are reading, if you can, can you upload some good quality of their Youtube profiles and irl photo of themselves onto this wiki. I'd really appreciate it and would save me some time and the other contributors on editing these pages. 

Minor additon. In the next couple of weeks or so. I would be adding some new pages such as Sheps, and some other ones onto these pages. Only the ones who knows the Cube well, or are friends with them. On the upcoming weeks there should be a profile template very soon. I just need time to edit and look at some other wikis to see how it's formatted. I hope you guys to enjoy these new pages and templates coming up. I hope by the end of 2014 or the near of 2015 we would have a fully functional wiki page dedicated to the Cube. 

The UHC pages and Cube Evo page should be almost finished and linked to anything relatable to those pages. I'm thinking at the earliest Tuesday or Wednesday and the latest Friday. 

Leave any suggestions or just comments down below.