So, I spent the most of my Sunday just researching and looking up other wikis, and how they formatted their profiles and templates. It looks a little messy, but after this weeked begins it should be nearly finished. Any suggestions is great. I was also planning to add in a status, if the member is still active, etc. Comment down below on what I can add in to this template or if it's okay. 

Update: I was going to also add if they joined UHC, Evo, etc onto the template. Then put a season span on how long they've been competing on the UHC tab.

Template:Cube Member

This is just what I pasted together. It's not a lot, but any other suggestions would be grateful. I would also like to include if they are still active, or if they left the Cube, like Kricken or Stacy. Just comment down below on what I could add and what to take out.