I was just browsing through some old memories and tried to change my profile on this but its been locked to prevent editing, even by myself XD

I know no-one is left on this wiki to read this, but if you stumble back here one day like I have I'd like to let you know that I'm doing good :) Still studying, still learning, still miss you guys. I hope you're doing good too.

I've grown a lot since I've been on here; grown up even, and yet I'm still the same person. I still use my N :) persona online; that started here. This was where N was born. I stalked this wikia for months as an Anon before I finally got the guts to create an account - did I ever tell any of you that?

People come and go in your life - whilst the Cube SMP is no longer, it lives on in my mind; as do you all. I never even knew your names, but you're all part of my memories :)

I have more to say, but no-one is left to read it so I think I'll wrap it up here and finish with a quote that holds dear to my heart: "When we're together, even the desert becomes the sea". Thank you for being part of my ocean. I hope you've found your paradise, and if not - keep searching for it - keep moving forward. 

Long live, the Cube S.M.P. :)

-N :)