Who Wants To Be A Stackinaire?
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March 25, 2015



Who Wants To Be A Stackinaire? is a series that airs on Hbomb's channel. It is his version of the popular game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". The series is recorded within the Cube SMP season 2 server and is hosted by Hbomb. The announcer is voiced by Dylan aka 8-Bit Homo. In the show H asks the participants Cube related trivia, the first question is worth 2 diamonds leading up to 64 diamonds in the tenth and last question.


Ep 1. Participant- Grapeapplesauce

Ep 2. Participant- ParkerGames

Ep 3. Participant- HeyImBee

Ep 4. Participant- Dfield

Ep 5. Participant- StrauberryJam

Ep 6. Participant- Tybzi

Diamonds Earned

GrapeAppleSauce = 32 Diamonds

ParkerGames/MineplexOfficial = 64 Diamonds

HeyImBee = 32 Diamonds

DFieldMark = 32 Diamonds

StrauberryJam = 32 Diamonds

TYBZI = 64


  • There was a controversial question during an episode, the questionasked "On Cube SMP Season 1, Devon charged how many diamonds per singing gram"; to which the correct answer could have been 5 or 10 as Devon changed it mid-season.
  • Only two members have ever won the maximum prize: ParkerGames/MineplexOfficial and TYBZI.
  • All contestants have earned at least 32 diamonds.